Aviation News – 17(R) Squadron Says Farewell to Typhoon

Friday, 12 April saw the end of 17(R) Test & Evaluation Squadron (TES) as a Typhoon unit at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire. More than a decade after its inception at BAE Warton on 1 September 2002, the Operational Evaluation Unit (OEU) for the Typhoon is moving home to 41(R)TES Squadron, whilst 17(R) moves across the pond to Edwards Air Force Base in California and a new role; bringing the F-35B Lightning II into service . Glenn Beasley reports.

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Aviation Feature – The Aviation Enthusiast’s Guide to the London 2012 Olympic Games

The London 2012 Olympics seem to have been universally recognised as being among the best – if not THE best – Games ever. As well as putting the ‘Great’ back into the psyche of the nation, for the aviation enthusiast, the opportunities to see a number of rare types and new nationalities of aircraft were plentiful too, particularly in the run up to the 27 July opening ceremony.

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BlogGAR – Gordon Jones – 2013 Typhoon Display

After reading Gareth’s interview with Flt Lt Jamie Norris, the 2013 RAF Typhoon Display Pilot, about a totally revised display routine and hearing there would be the inclusion of slower manoeuvres I was eager to see it for myself. I have long believed that the Typhoon display would benefit from a flatter display with a mix of fast and low speeds and what I was reading was sounding very promising.

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BlogGAR – Karl Drage – British Airways A380 Rejected Take-Off Trials

After making far better time on our journey back to Toulouse from Mont-de-Marsan than we’d expected, we did a quick circuit of the airfield to see what had changed from 24 hours earlier. The arrival of an A400M was perhaps the most notable. Down one particular cul-de-sac, Marcus spotted the British Airways A380 strobing and holding just short of the runway. They were using the opposite end to the previous day. He asked what I wanted to do. Silly question!! We headed around to the hill in double quick time and sprinted up it! Having already packed my cameras away for the return flight, I didn’t quite have enough time to shoot the TAM A320 that was on short-final after a test flight as we arrived.

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