Military Aviation: The last F-15 Eagles in Europe have flown the nest

Since May 1977 the F-15 Eagle has been a familiar sight in European skies. Alas it is a sight that is now no more, with RAF Lakenheath’s 493rd Fighter Squadron (FS) ‘The Grim Reapers’ having being replaced by the Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II with the newly reactivated 495th FS. Gareth Stringer takes a look at the history of the F-15 Eagle in Europe, with images from the GAR team. 

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Aviation Event – Eviation Alice Heading For First Flight

The development of electric aircraft is a hot topic in the industry at the moment.  One of the more advanced projects is Eviation’s Alice aircraft.  It is getting close to first flight and Rob Edgcumbe made a visit to Arlington Municipal Airport for GAR to check out whether testing progress was being made.

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