Author: Chris Wood

Aviation Feature – Project Hawker 2013

Almost 100 years ago, a young Australian pilot set off on a flight around Britain in an attempt to win a £5,000 prize being offered by the Daily Mail newspaper. The pilot was Harry Hawker and his aircraft was a hydro-biplane designed and built by Thomas Sopwith, for whom Hawker worked.

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Airshow Review – Shuttleworth Evening Flying Display 06/07/13

Whilst the world and his canine were basking in glorious sunshine in Lincolnshire, some distance to the south another group of enthusiasts were indulging in some aviation nostalgia of a very different variety, from a very different era. Saturday 6 July saw the Shuttleworth Trust put on its second Evening Flying Display of 2013 in perfect, tranquil conditions, and Chris Wood was there for GAR to soak up the atmosphere.

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