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JUL 18 2010
Up close and personal with the JF-17s at Farnborough

It's fair to say that the arrival of these aircraft on Thursday has created quite a storm, and, as the blogGAR piece we put out that day has proven to be so popular, we thought it would rude not to make the most of these additional images that Paul's sent through this evening.

The aircraft hail from 26 Sqn "Black Spiders" of the Pakistan Air Force, based at Peshawar in the north of the country.

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2010-07-26 - TonyGuy

I remember a quote from an air force official (possibly US) stating that technological superiority works until the other side gets about 3-4:1 numerical superiority.

Not sure if that still applies with all the fancy multiple target tracking of modern radars but yes, for Pakistan having a cheap low-medium tech air craft is a distinct advantage especially as they are supposed to be upgrading the technology after every batch of 50 aircraft built.

2010-07-24 - JensenJ
Great looking plane. Excellent for what its designed for: Replacement of the "workhorse" type tasks of majority of Air Forces of the world! This is surely a force multiplier because you can get 4-6 of these aircrafts for each F-35 or other comprable western planes. 90% of the missions, you dont need the tech level at the F-35 level. For the hi-tech missions, a budget AF can mix a small number of hi-tech planes with mass JF-17 formations. They have data-link capabilities that will take them far!
Great plane.

2010-07-24 - TonyGuy


"Why is there a Pakistani flag on it"


"The same reason there will be an Indian flag on the PAK-FA"

2010-07-24 - TonyGuy
The flag is Pakistan as the aircraft is with the Pakistani Air Force. The markings on the tank are in Chinese as it's most probably made in China.

The English markings are for Pakistanis as PAF generally works in English like the Indian AF.

The 'engineers' (guys fixing up the display) are Chinese as the weapons they are displaying are Chinese - it's a joint Pakistani-Chinese display.

I would hope that Indians wouldn't bring the whole 'Pak vs India' trolling thing everywhere.

2010-07-21 - XMen
Why is there a Pakistani flag on the aircraft?
The engineers and marking are in Chinese and English.
Only the cleaner in the pic looked like a Pakistani.

2010-07-21 - Manish
This is Pakistani a/c but why are the markings in Chinese? Why is that person without his shoes?

2010-07-20 - SHOAIB GULZAR
Hell yeah ...... PAK-CHINA Friendship Rules .....
The world is stunned at the physicality of JF-17 .....
Hope to see some more updates about war plane .........

2010-07-19 - Zani
Beautiful pictures and aircraft!

2010-07-19 - mkhan
Thank you GAR for this JF-17 coverage. Looking forward to more of the same...

Any reason why JF-17 isn't flying?

2010-07-19 - rIcKy

2010-07-19 - Avo
On the second picture, is that some kind of precision munition being worked on? I am curious why those people are not wearing uniform. Are they PAF personnel or CAC tech...

2010-07-19 - NS
Amazing..keep up the good work, please post some pics from inside the cockpit if you get a chance.

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