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blogGAR is the latest addition to the Global Aviation Resource website. It provides our team with a new outlet through which they can share their aviation experiences. That could be telling the story behind a particular feature or documenting something completely outside of their work for GAR. It also allows them to voice their opinion on any news item or topic for discussion. Like our features we guarantee that this new content will be 100% aviation related and will no doubt eventually cover many different facets of the subject. We hope you like what blogGAR adds to the overall site experience.

Latest Additions

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blogGAR: Return to Phoenix - Part One: Luke AFB

At one time a regular visitor to Phoenix, it’s been a long time since Paul Dunn managed to get out to Arizona. Here in the first part of a two part blog, he shares some photos from a visit to Luke AFB and Sky Harbor International Airport.

RAF Brize Norton

Now that the airshow season is over and the long winter nights upon us, there’s plenty of time to catch up on some previously neglected trips out and about with the camera. Shaun Schofield reports from a fruitful October morning on the fence of RAF Brize Norton.

blogGAR: RNAS Yeovilton

With the Fleet Air Arm Museum opening the doors to its Reserve Collection for the second time this year, it would have been rude for Shaun Schofield not to make the most of a visit to his local.

blogGAR: 140th Fighter Wing Deployment

It's early morning at Buckley AFB, Colorado and the 140th Fighter Wing is preparing to deploy to the Middle East again as part of the ongoing Overseas Contingency Operations. Paul Filmer reports.

blogGAR: Beech Starships at Centennial Airport in Colorado

These days, it's unusual to see an active Beech Starship, and with only five left out of the 53 manufactured, they are now spread very thinly across the USA.

blogGAR: Dove, Firefly and 27R Line-Up Shots at London-Heathrow Airport

Karl's catch-up moves on to the month of May and a visit to London-Heathrow in search of BA's Olympic specials and some different shots from the northside.

blogGAR: Belugas at Hawarden and a stop-off at Manchester-Ringway

Long range plans seldom come off but this was one such occasion. Pencilled in some six weeks in advance, Karl and Geoff travelled to the Airbus facility at Hawarden in the hope (and mild expectation) of a Beluga or two.

blogGAR: Six airshows and four jet flights in five weeks!

Gareth takes a photographic look back at an intensive few weeks of airshow attendance, work and flying.

blogGAR: AIRBASE at Coventry-Baginton Airport

Continuing his blogGAR catch-up, Karl takes us back to the meeting at AIRBASE for a piece on the Classic Aircraft Trust for Global Aviation Magazine

blogGAR: North Weald's Air Britain Fly-in

In the post La-Ferté Alais depression and with a few weeks until the next airshow, Huw decided to head along to North Weald on Sunday the 10th of June to sample the Air Britain Classic Fly-in for the first time, where he also met up with Dean West, Elliott and Greg Marsh.

blogGAR: Amsterdam-Schipol in the Fog - Part 2

After a lengthy absence from the blogging sphere, Karl starts his catch-up with the second and final part of his February trip to Amsterdam's Schipol Airport.

blogGAR: Shaun's May Review - RNAS Yeovilton and Op Wyvern Tor

May traditionally brings with it the start of the airshow season and the subsequent early starts, long drives and, of course, aircraft, for the ensuing five months. Having had to wait a little longer than he had hoped for to get his season underway, Shaun found other ways to keep himself entertained.

blogGAR: ...Las Vegas Two Times

Unlike some other GAR writers, Paul Dunn is not exactly a Las Vegas regular! Here he shares some photos from two recent trips to the city.

blogGAR >> First Quarter 2012 Round-Up

Paul Filmer blogs on his outings during the first few months of 2012; outings that have seen him shooting a wide variety of different types of aircraft in very different settings.

blogGAR: Sywell Aviation Museum Opens its Doors in 2012

With the airshow season creeping tantalisingly close, Huw was tempted up to Sywell Aerodrome, seeking his first warbird display of the year at the annual Sywell Aviation Museum Opening.

blogGAR: Amsterdam-Schipol in the Fog - Part 1

Wanting to get some of the current crop of European 'heavies' in the bag before they've all disappeared, Karl headed off to Amsterdam-Schipol in search of MD-11s and 747-400s in particular.

blogGAR: RAF Brize Norton and Fairford

With the country enveloped in such glorious weather recently, it would have been rude to have not taken advantage and enjoy a spot of photography. Shaun Schofield did just that with visits to RAF Brize Norton and RAF Fairford in the Cotswolds.

blogGAR: Beluga Hunting at Hawarden - 'Like Looking in the Mirror'

Geoff Hibbert and Karl Drage took the trip to Hawarden in search of a very unusual aircraft - Airbus' A300-600ST (Super Transporter), affectionately known as the 'Beluga'. Here's Geoff's take on the day.

blogGAR: Hawker Hunter Aviation (HHA) at RNAS Yeovilton

With RNAS Yeovilton now primarily a helicopter station, the roar of fast jets is seldom heard these days. So, when Shaun Schofield learned of Hawker Hunter Aviation (HHA) deploying its three Hunters to the base, what better opportunity to get out and about with the camera for the first time in 2012?!

blogGAR: Jeffco Air Tanker Base Ramps Up for the Season

As another fire fighting season kicks into gear the tanker bases across the United States step up their preparations. Paul Filmer heads to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Colorado.

blogGAR: Wales, Heathrow and RAF Marham – February Review

From the arctic conditions of the Welsh valleys to the balmy rolling fields of Norfolk, February brought three days out, combining civilian and military action. Glenn reviews his travels in the month of February.

blogGAR: Operation ELLAMY Mission Marks at RAF Marham

When Glenn first mentioned a day out at RAF Marham, Karl wasn't convinced by the weather forecast but ultimately succumbed and ended up having a good day Operation ELLAMY mission mark hunting in Norfolk.

blogGAR: Sunny, Snowy Scenes at London-Luton Airport

After the Thursday night's snowfall, and with a decent forecast for the Saturday, it would have been rude not to head out to capture some more snowy - hopefully with a bit of sun thrown in this time - shots. Karl heads back to London-Luton Airport.

blogGAR: Snowy Scenes at London-Luton Airport

An all-too-rare covering of snow prompted Karl to make a Sunday morning trip to London-Luton Airport to shoot some aircraft - and gave him the perfect excuse to go out driving in it!

blogGAR: Kenn Borek Air Migration Through Colorado

Kenn Borek's sizeable fleet of DHC-6 and BT67 (or DC-3T) aircraft provide air-support for the many operations at each pole throughout the year, as well as fulfilling other tasks throughout the world, but here it's the Polar fleet that Paul Filmer captures arriving and departing.

blogGAR: Runway 08 Ops at RAF Brize Norton

With Issue 5 of Global Aviation Magazine all but put to bed, a perfect forecast and the knowledge that GAR's own John Higgins was planning a day at RAF Brize Norton, Karl couldn't resist and had to join him.

blogGAR: Steamy Arrivals and Topside Departures - Runway 09 Operations at London-Heathrow Airport

With a free Saturday, an evening appointment with an Airbus A320 simulator at Cranebank, easterly winds and the potential for some 'interesting' conditions, Karl simply had to spend the early part of the day in the fields surrounding Heathrow Airport.

blogGAR: Snapping in a Winter Wonderland

January can be a depressing time. You’ve enjoyed the Christmas festivities, eaten your body weight in turkey (which, in the author's case, is an achievement in itself), drunk enough alcohol to make an enemy of your liver for life and sniffled through Pat Butcher’s death on New Year’s Day. There are no airshows for another four months, the days are still short, the weather’s often grim and your finances are at a yearly low. But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, as Elliott hits the road to find out...

blogGAR: Some New Year Sunsets at London-Stansted Airport

Karl recalls his first outing of 2012, yet another visit to Stansted, and one that would provide two 747-8Fs and, finally, a few sunset shots.

How I Learned to Love the Space Race

Gareth Stringer takes a look at one of his true passions, the space race, and the strong connection between aviation and the project to put a man on the moon.

blogGAR: Inspired by the past, facing the future

In his first blog of 2012 Glenn Beasley shares his first images of the new year captured in some very fine winter weather. He also shares his thoughts regarding the prospects for 2012 and recovers a few previously lost treasures from his early digital SLR experiences.

blogGAR: Elliott's New Year Catch-up

Despite the traditional post-airshow season lull being in full effect, Elliott has still managed to spend most of his free time seeking out sparkly things with wings to photograph.

blogGAR: Stansted - British Airways (BA) World Cargo 747-8F and Friends

Following on from Karl's last blogGAR entry, he returns to London-Stansted Airport twice more in search 747s, both new and old.

blogGAR: The Ground Side of Airshows

One of the major talking points of this year’s Royal International Air Tattoo was, ironically, not about aircraft but the concert by Alexandra Burke, which generated a lot of criticism from many enthusiasts who felt booking the 2008 X Factor winner was not the done thing for a military airshow. Mark explores 'The Ground Side of Airshows'....

blogGAR: Martinair MD-11 Hunting at London-Stansted Airport

Schools on strike, blue skies and the chance of shooting my first Martinair MD-11; Karl heads to London-Stansted Airport - a place not noted for its plentiful photographic locations - in hope rather than expectation.

blogGAR: Shaun's 2011 Airshow Season Wrap-up

As winter closes in and the nights get longer, many a photographer will delve through the archives, picking out their best images from the year gone by and reminiscing over the highlights. After a season of ups and downs, Shaun Schofield does just that.

blogGAR: easyJet Retires Last Boeing 737s

With the last of easyJet's 737s leaving service on October 31st, and living so close to Luton Airport, Huw takes a look back at where it all began for easyJet.

blogGAR: Two Days Around NAF El Centro

If it's November it must be time for another photocall at NAF El Centro courtesy of Michelle Dee and Fence Check - Paul Filmer went along for the ride.

blogGAR: Cotswold Airport Battle of Britain Airshow & RAF Northolt SAR Symposium Catch-up

Karl shares some additional images from days out that featured in the latest issue of Global Aviation Magazine.

blogGAR: Fox Hunting at Yeovilton - Fly Navy Heritage Trust Fundraiser

Back in June, the Fly Navy Heritage Trust held a small, private fundraising event at RNAS Yeovilton. Headlining the event was the mighty Sea Vixen, with the Royal Navy Historic Flight providing the supporting acts. Shaun Schofield looks back on a vintage day at his local.

blogGAR: Elliott's 2011 End of Airshow Season Wrap-up

Europe's on the brink of collapse, the Middle East edges closer to all out war and the students are on the march again in the City. What better way to take your mind off the troubles of the world than by reflecting on some of the year's best airshows? Elliott Marsh takes a look back at the second half of the season in his most recent blogGAR entry.

blogGAR: Runway 09R Departures at London-Heathrow Airport

Blue skies, easterly winds and a clear slot in the diary seldom all align together, so when it does it's essential that you take advantage of it! Karl takes a break from putting the magazine together to head out for a day of civvy shooting at Heathrow.

blogGAR: Merryfield Open Evening 2011

Each year, Merryfield in Somerset hosts a quiet open evening to show its appreciation to the local residents for putting up with their noisy neighbours and to provide an insight into the workings of the airfield. In Shaun's first blogGAR entry, he takes us back a short while to a time before he joined the GAR team.

blogGAR: Low Light Shooting - B-17G, 'Aluminum Overcast'

Tired of shooting the same shots as everyone else, I took the latest visit of the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) B-17G, Aluminum Overcast, as an opportunity to do something different. Paul goes out into the cold night air at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (RMM) in Colorado.

blogGAR: Hog Hunting at RIAT

The day that the West Coast A-10 Demonstration Team was confirmed for RIAT Gareth Stringer decided we had to try and secure an interview for Global Aviation Resource, or Global Aviation Magazine as it turned out, and set the wheels in motion. So, what happened next?

Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Revisited

Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport in the Philippines always throws up surprises every time I pass through, and it's always a good place to see the older aircraft that have gone out of favour in the UK still in service. This blogGAR serves as an update to the article from February 2011 with some fresh, new imagery and some updates on former residents. Paul Filmer reports from his latest visit to Manila.

blogGAR: Huw's Duxford 2011 Round-up Featuring Spitfire Mk1 P9374

In Huw's first blogGAR entry he looks back at countless visits to Duxford's Imperial War Museum in 2011; a year that's provided plenty of interest.

blogGAR: A Spitfire Summer at Duxford

With the promise of several Spitfires returning from the Goodwood Revival and a first glimpse at the Aircraft Restoration Company's new Spitfire Mk1, Elliott Marsh headed to Duxford on the evening of Sunday 18th September with camera in hand to catch the action.

Barry M. Goldwater Range

The Barry M. Goldwater Range stretches to the south of the I-8 in Arizona along a 1.9 million-acre part of the Sonoran Desert between Tucson and Yuma. Paul Filmer had an opportunity to witness some live firing earlier this year.

A Month of Many Miles - Glenn's July Aviation Round-up

Glenn Beasley takes a look back at his images from a very busy July and discusses the importance of seeing the bigger picture when it comes to modern day airshows.

blogGAR: Helicopter Transport Services' CH-54 Skycranes at Front Range Airport

It's not often that you see S-64 or CH-54 Skycranes away from a tanker base unless they are fighting a fire, but when a complete fleet is seen away from base it's a very unusual event. Paul Filmer couldn't resist heading out to take a look.

blogGAR: Three Generations of the Albert Family

A couple of recent trips have provided Paul Dunn with opportunities to shoot three generations of C-130 Hercules – along with a few other interesting types along the way.

blogGAR: The Year of the Hawker Hunter

Three 'behind the scenes' days with Team Viper have given Paul Fiddian some extra Hunter action in the type's 60th anniversary year. Here's a taster of his time spent with the world's only Hunter formation display team.

blogGAR: Elliott's Mid-Airshow Season Wrap-up

At the mid-way point of the 2011 airshow season, Elliott looks back at some of the key events and moments over the last few months.

blogGAR: Flying With Harbour Air

Two recent trips to Vancouver included a rare free day in the Canadian city and provided Paul Dunn with an excellent opportunity to go on a flight on one of Harbour Air’s floatplane services from Vancouver Harbour Water Airport.

CO ARNG Bambi Bucket Training

Over a period of one and a half days the Colorado Army National Guard (CO ARNG) performed currency training in the use of water buckets at a nearby lake. Paul braves the changing weather to document this difficult photographic opportunity.

blogGAR: The 2011 Airshow Season

With the 2011 UK and European airshow season getting into full swing, Mark looks ahead to some of the potential highlights.

blogGAR: GAR's Second Birthday

On the eve of GAR's second birthday, Karl takes the opportunity to talk about recent site developments, a number of which will only become clear tomorrow afternoon!

blogGAR: Boeing Field

After NAS Whidbey Island Paul Filmer found himself with the rest of the day to spare, and, with it being a Friday with not much on the flying schedule, he and his travelling companion decided to head back south to Seattle to do some civvy shooting at Boeing Field.

NAS Whidbey Island

Paul Filmer had never shot aviation in Washington prior to travelling north to NAS Whidbey Island recently to shoot the arrival of an A-3 Skywarrior for preservation. An article covering that will appear at a later date, but here he shares the rest of what the Station had to offer.

blogGAR - Regal Royal Air Force Does It Again

Gareth reflects on the impact made by the Royal Air Force and its Battle of Britain Memorial Flight at the Royal Wedding and brings us up to speed on recent events and forthcoming attractions.

We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat...

Back in Phoenix again, Paul Dunn heads south on a road trip in search of a really big fish.

Back on the road again 'in style'

With the possibility of a rain free day and Osprey and AC-130 action, Geoff heads off to Suffolk for a much needed aviation fix.

In Happier Times...

The earthquake and tsunami which devastated Japan shocked and horrified the whole world. Paul Dunn shares his thoughts and some images taken at Hyakuri in the weeks before the disaster.

A tilt in the right direction - Osprey hunting at the Hall

With a day off work to play with, Elliott heads to the Suffolk countryside for an evening in the company of the remarkable CV-22 Osprey.

Display visits, GAR and PlanesTV, current events in Libya and a trip to Binbrook

Gareth brings us up to speed on recent visits to meet the 2011 Tutor and Tucano Display Teams, news on plans for GAR and PlanesTV, a word on current events in Libya and thoughts on a visit to a sorry looking Binbrook.

Moonlighting in Vegas

While attending various Red Flag exercises at Nellis AFB the chance to shoot at McCarran is a good one to take if you want to get out of bed early and the wind is in the right direction. Paul Filmer goes Janet chasing in Las Vegas.

Welsh Rarebit

With the number of types to go low level seemingly diminishing by the month, Glenn Beasley heads out and about amongst the hills of England and Wales in search of what is left to see, and previews a jaunt north next week to say farewell to 111(F) Squadron and the Tornado F.3.

Long time no see!

With two months already crossed off on the 2011 calendar, it's high time that Karl provided a catch-up on his latest outings as well as sharing details of a number of exciting developments at GAR.

Dunny Does Dallas...

Dunny Does Dallas... or more accurately Fort Worth, but there is less opportunity for a cringeworthy title there! After a planned visit was cancelled at short notice, Paul Dunn was left to re-plan a day off in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A definite case of right place, right time...

Defence Cuts, Now It's Getting Personnel

Gareth writes on the announcement that RAF trainee aircrew face redundancy.

Past, Present and the Future

With a number of recent outings involving Dominies, Spitfires, Sentinels and Typhoons to name a few, Glenn Beasley takes the chance to catch up and display some of his most recent work and a hint of things to come.

Northolt nightshoot, Cotswold Airshow Volunteers and Gulf War 20th

A quick catch up from Gareth on Northolt’s most recent nightshoot, a call for volunteers from the Cotswold Airshow and memories of the Gulf War.

Further Fortune in Phoenix

A weekend trip to Phoenix provided an excellent opportunity to visit Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, in the hope of catching some interesting visitors. Paul Dunn attempts to live up to his reputation in Phoenix once again.

Mojave and Edwards AFB

So what do you do when you have a free day in Las Vegas and need a break from shooting Red Flag? Well you drive a round trip of 490 miles to see something different of course! Paul Filmer reports on a rare break to California.

Trekking round Ringway

After waiting countless weekends for sunny weather, Glenn Beasley finally heads to Manchester for his first close up view of the Super Jumbo that is the A380.

Narita International

Making a return to the Land of the Rising Sun, in the hope of getting some winter sunshine, Paul Dunn gets his year off to a solid start with a couple of hours at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.

Recommended Reading - Thuds, MiGs and Rhinos

With a few more wintry months to go until the evenings brighten, the weather improves (hopefully!) and the airshow season commences, Gareth recommends some reading matter to pass the time.

Thunderbirds Are Go

Please excuse the terrible and inevitable pun in the title...! Mark discusses the US Air Force Thunderbirds announcing a European Tour for summer 2011.


The light in SoCal is pretty special at this time of year, so whilst in Los Angeles, a visit to LAX was in order. Paul Dunn shares some images from Imperial Hill.

Who says it's Grim oop North?

With a full tank of petrol to waste having just learnt that his period of notice had been reduced from one month to one week, Geoff presses the silly pedal hard as he makes the 180 mile round trip to Manchester to shoot some civvies in the cold.

Luck Favours The Brave

Gareth takes a trip to RAF Cottesmore to catch some Harriers as the end of the aircraft’s UK service draws near – and gets a little more than he bargained for.

'Empire of the Clouds' Review

If you enjoy watching the likes of the Vulcan, Meteor, Hunter and Sea Vixen at air shows, a new book will be just up your street – and just in time for Christmas. In his first blogGAR entry, Mark reviews James Hamilton-Paterson’s ‘Empire of the Clouds’.

Seeking THE Shot

Seeking the aircraft shot of aircraft shots is a target that many of us enthusiasts aim for, but what about the bigger picture? In his first blogGAR entry, Paul Fiddian looks through the viewfinder, out of the window and into the hangar, and captures the deep reflections coming back at him.

Catch Them While You Can

Entering the final four weeks of operation of one of Britain's most ground-breaking aircraft, now is the time to get out there and make the most of any decent weather forecasts before it's too late. Karl makes the first of such journeys to RAF Cottesmore in search of the legendary Harrier.

Dunny's First Red Flag

Nellis AFB is a little quieter than usual at this time of year, as Red Flag 11-1 has been cancelled. Paul Dunn takes the opportunity to present some previously unpublished photos from Red Flag 10-4 which took place back in July.

Ringway Retro Shooting

It's fair to say, after being made redundant by my previous employers, First Choice Airways, some 18 months ago, I had kind of lost my mojo when it came to shooting at my local, and civvies in general. It was always going to take something special to rekindle my enthusiasm. John Higgins goes retro-757 chasing at Manchester Airport.

Low-Leveling Colorado Style

After a tip-off plus a lot of physical work Paul finally manages to catch a heavy airtanker in its element working a wildfire. He also sees a few other older aircraft along the way.

Catch them while you can...

With the nights about to draw in and the retirement of a certain Pegasus powered jet now on the horizon, Glenn Beasley ventured to the UK low fly areas in the hope of some decent movements. Thankfully on two separate days both the USAF and RAF were out in force making use of the excellent conditions and this blog reflects on some of the imagery captured from those two days....

Black & Blue - RAF Northolt & London-Heathrow

It's been more than six weeks since my last blogGAR entry, primarily because I've not been up to much! Gareth and I have been busy wrapping up our often mentioned project which we're still not quite in a position to unveil, and the weather, at least when I have been free, has been generally pretty grim. Karl catches up and shares some unseen imagery.

Looking back and looking forwards, but remaining largely stationary!

Well, winter has well and truly arrived in the UK and, still recovering from surgery, Gareth Stringer takes the opportunity to catch up on recent events and deliver a large slice of nostalgia having dug in to the depths of his photographic collection.

Old favourites and a new one too

It's only been three weeks since my last update but it feels like much longer! Plenty of water has passed under the bridge in the interim but almost all of it's been wholly enjoyable. Karl provides a round-up of recent happenings.

Benson Families Day, Dunsfold delights, A.net and Remembering The Few

Gareth takes a look back at RAF Benson's Families Day, a superb weekend at Dunsfold, uploading to Airliners.net and GAR's microsite to commemorate The Few.

Phoenix Again...

Back in Phoenix for the third time in as many months and although it was not quite as hot as last time, it is still something of an endurance test to shoot in Arizona in August, as Paul Dunn found out.

Bizarre goings on in Sussex

In search of some very different airshow shots, Karl makes the lengthy drive to Beachy Head and experiences a frustrating and ultimately shocking day.

Midsummer Musings.

Gareth takes advantage of the gap in proceedings to catch up on the news, tell you about Dawn to Dusk and invite GAR readers to join in for some Fantasy Football action.

Playing Around!

Inspired by the work of Tomasz Pacan, Karl revisits the archives and gives some of his older work an experimental twist.

Peak Season!

The past few weeks have seen some of the most high profile airshows take place under largely sunny summer skies. Covering hundreds of miles and by plenty of sunscreen, Glenn Beasley shares over 40 images and reflects on the peak of the UK airshow season.

Miami Area Variety

Paul Dunn takes a roadtrip around the Miami area, to catch some very unusual types, some of which are rarely seen in the United States.

Another Side of Nellis AFB

Most famous as the home of the Red Flag series of exercises, Nellis AFB is also home to a number of other very interesting units. While visiting to help cover Red Flag 10-4 for GAR, Paul Dunn managed to also catch plenty of ‘locals’ and a few interesting visitors.

And, relax.................

Gareth takes his turn at looking back over a manic few weeks in the UK's airshow calendar.

Mid-season Madness!

With Biggin Hill, Waddington, Flying Legends, RIAT and Farnborough all ticked off, Karl takes the opportunity to share all of his images that haven't quite made the cut in the main site features, plus a few extras from elsewhere.

Up close and personal with the JF-17s at Farnborough

While several GAR team members were still at Fairford enduring the grey skies, Paul Dopson was at Farnborough taking advantage of the rather splendid late afternoon conditions as the finishing touches were being put to the static display for the JF-17s. Words - Karl Drage / Images - Paul Dopson

Dreams come true as Boeing 787 arrives at Farnborough 2010.

One of the stars of this year’s Farnborough Airshow arrived in the UK this morning when Boeing 787 made its much anticipated touch down at the iconic Hampshire airport. Gareth Stringer reports with images by Paul Dopson.

Thunder at Farnborough as the JF-17 arrives.

Gareth Stringer reports on the arrival of the JF-17 Thunder at Farnborough for the aircraft's public debut in the west. Images by Paul Dopson.

Elliott's Flying Legends Preview

Elliott reports on the arrivals and practices for the Flying Legends Airshow 2010 and previews what we can expect at this year's event.

Chasing Old Jets at Denver International

Paul gets wind of a new old jet operator scheduled into Denver International Airport on one of the many early moring freight runs, so decides to be in position before sun-up to capture it for posterity.

Here, there, everywhere! Karl's turn to catch-up!

With time of late having been in extremely short supply, Karl takes the opportunity to post a catch-up blogGAR entry, including lots of unseen pictures that have failed to make the final cut for recent reports.

An eventful few weeks – in more ways than one.

Gareth Stringer looks back at an action packed few weeks which included a number of new experiences.

Three Days on the Surface of the Sun

In Phoenix for a couple of days, Paul Dunn got to spend some time at his favourite airfield where some unexpected gems were lurking...

Travels in France, Merlins in Wales, Airshows and Operations

Gareth Stringer reflects on trips to France and Wales and looks ahead to a couple of very busy weekends and an appointment with his surgeon!

LA Area Miscellanae

Another month, another trip to Los Angeles! Paul Dunn presents a few odds and sods from a recent trip to the LA area, including one best placed in the “Hen’s Teeth” file.

A SoCal Roadtrip

Back at work after his recent wedding and honeymoon, Paul Dunn shares some images from an eventful day out in Southern California, and looks ahead to some forthcoming features.

No rest for the weary: Travels in the Garden of England

Elliott enjoys his last airshow-free weekend until mid-October by travelling to Kent with intent to rest his body (and, indeed, his wallet) before the 'big push' of June and July.

C'est l'anniversaire heureux pour GAR et maintenant à La Ferté Alais!

Gareth Stringer looks ahead to GAR's French debut after a manic few days helping prepare the site's 1st birthday update.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something (partly) blue.

Karl takes the opportunity to catch-up on the latest GAR happenings and seeks some feedback on a possible future venture.

Cometh the airshow season, cometh the weather!

Gareth Stringer celebrates the end of a long winter and the beginning of the UK airshow season.

Karl's April Catch-Up

A volcano-postponed visit provides Karl with the opportunity to catch-up on all of GAR's latest news.

Close to Home and Far Away

Glenn takes a break from parenthood to blog on recent trips out, including a 370 mile round trip to shoot heavies at Heathrow and some other forthcoming GAR business, with a few clues thrown in regarding a mystery feature.

Out and About - The GAR Journey Continues

Gareth Stringer is pleased to help show off the 2010 RAF Tucano display scheme in the flesh and provides a quick update on recent GAR activity.

Hyakuri AB, Japan

Day two of a brief trip to Japan and Paul Dunn was looking forward to a full day at Hyakuri AB, home to Phantoms, Eagles and all manner of visitors. Sadly, these things don’t always work out...

UH-60L in the Wilds

A chance to catch the local H-60 Blackhawk helicopters in the wild was an offer that Paul couldn’t refuse. Thanks to a little inside information he was given a heads-up for an exercise and the boundary of the area that they would operate from.

Tokyo Narita Airport

Japan’s famous cherry blossoms are blooming throughout the Tokyo area, which should mean Spring is on its way. However, the weather is supplying little evidence to back that up at the moment! Paul Dunn visits a chilly and overcast Narita Airport.

More from Linton plus thoughts on RAF training and support helicoper airshow appearances

Gareth Stringer adds some further thoughts on GAR's recent visit to RAF Linton on Ouse, pilot training and airshow news.

Karl's March Catch Up

In a brief period of respite Karl takes the opportunity to update everyone on recent happenings, reminisce about past adventures and look forward to GAR's next few weeks.

A few musings on the weather, the Vulcan and RAF airshow participants.

Gareth Stringer blogs on being blamed for poor weather, the Vulcan and some unfair criticism aimed at the RAF's 22 Group display aircraft.

A Hind on Salisbury Plain

People often say that Fridays are always quiet for aircraft, whether you may be on a Welsh mountainside or on Salisbury Plain. Well, Friday 19th February 2010 proved that you shouldn't always listen to people! Geoff Hibbert reports from a frantic Salisbury Plain Training Area.

California City Municipal Airport

After a planned visit at Mojave Air and Space Port fell through at a late stage, Paul Dunn was obliged to seek out further opportunities on California’s High Desert.

What 2010 has in store

With a lack of recent outings, Karl takes a look ahead to what 2010 has to offer, both in terms of GAR content and a number of aviation related events and happenings.

A catch-up and a request for feedback

Gareth finally get's around to updating his blogGAR with notes on GAR's award, community interaction, a couple of visits and our Hawk exclusive.

What a Difference Four Days Makes...

Karl reflects upon a very snowy and protracted journey to RAF Odiham and an entirely different weekend visit to London's Heathrow Airport.

London-Luton Airport

With his original, rather more interesting plans scuppered, Karl headed off to Luton Airport in search of some snowy rotation shots.

Tales from the Vark side

Gareth Stringer looks back at the time he spent with Lakenheath's F-111s and looks forward to a busy few weeks for GAR.

The New Year at North Weald

An invitation to join the Vampire Preservation Group at North Weald on a sunny Sunday led to Karl making his first outing of 2010 and also his first trip to this historic Essex airfield.

New Years Day at Manchester Airport

Glenn looks for some New Years day action at Manchester Airport, spending dawn until dusk looking for nice light.

Vancouver Harbour

The Canadian coastal city of Vancouver has many suburbs separated from the city centre by water, and a network of ferries to allow commuters to travel to work. But why take the ferry when you can fly? Paul Dunn visits a chilly Vancouver harbour.

Paul's Year in Review

From vision to reality, Paul Filmer looks back at GAR's first calendar year. There's also a chance for you to win a copy of PlanesTV.com's Cosford Airshow 2009 DVD.

Glenn's Review of the Year

With a primary focus on Duxford events and the happenings in Lincolnshire, Glenn takes a look back at his 2009. There's also a chance for you to win a copy of PlanesTV.com's Abingdon Air & Country Show 2009 DVD.

My 2009 with Global Aviation Resource

A year that's included flights in a Piper Tomahawk, an EC-145 over the City of London, and ramp access at East Midlands Airport - twice! Had you told me that at this time last year I'd have never believed it. Geoff looks back at his year with GAR. There's also a chance for you to win a copy of PlanesTV.com's Leuchars Airshow '09 DVD.

Paul Dunn's 2009 Review

As GAR’s resident regular international traveller, Paul Dunn has been lucky enough to bring back photos and feature reports from four continents in 2009. He has high hopes of adding more to this list in 2010.

Gareth's Review of the Year

Gareth Stringer takes a look back at his favourite GAR moments from 2009 and some of the fascinating (and funny) experiences it has brought him. There's also a chance for you to win a copy of PlanesTV.com's Sunderland Airshow '09 DVD.

Karl's Review of the Year

As the end of GAR's first calendar year rapidly approaches, Karl looks back at where it all began and highlights some of the amazing experiences that have followed. There's also the chance for you to win a copy of PlanesTV.com's Kemble Air Show '09 DVD.

Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

A trip to Phoenix wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Paul Dunn spends the afternoon enjoying blue skies and sunshine in December.

Planes TV 2009 airshow DVDs – great winter viewing

Gareth Stringer recommends airshow viewing from the comfort of your own home, courtesy of Planes TV.

Easyjet at Robin Hood

In his first blogGar entry Glenn Beasley takes a trip to his local airport to witness the arrival of an Easyjet A319 in lieu of services starting in April 2010.

One of Those Days...

With the prospect of a sunset in the offing Karl planned a day outside the wire at RAF Cottesmore, but it didn't quite go to plan...

A Snowy Centennial Airport

Paul braves the cold and snow to track down some unusual visitors at his local airfield. Centennial Airport in Colorado.

A chilly update

Gareth talks about breaking tradition for The Breitling Wingwalkers and GAR's 100th feature.

NAF El Centro

Paul gets up close and personal at NAF El Centro in California and meets one aircraft on its 45th anniversary.

Bucks From Above

Despite the weather's best efforts, the GAR crew have still been able to get a couple of opportunities in over the last few days. Karl explains.

An update and some messages

Hi folks. Just for a change last week was a quieter one in terms of visits and getting ourselves out and about, mainly due to the fact that we blew out (almost literally) a planned air to air shoot on Thursday. I’m pleased to report however that we were able to reschedule successfully yesterday morning and spent a most enjoyable few hours at Cranfield – including the planned flight.

The Two Weeks that Were

Karl takes a look back at the happenings of the last fortnight that included a RNAS Yeovilton visit, an encounter with the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Stephen Dalton, and even a reference in The Times newspaper.


Following on from the short blogGAR from the Fort Lauderdale airports, Paul visits the focus for old prop aircraft in Florida at Opa-locka.

A little reading matter...........

Last week I ordered, received and read “The Shepherd” by Frederick Forsyth, which might sound impressive until I tell you that it’s a short story and I finished it in about 25 minutes. It’s a fantastic fictional story about a Vampire pilot (which is why Mark Hooton of the Vampire Preservation Group recommended it) and it inspired me to write this addition to my blogGAR.

NAF El Centro

A couple of weeks ago, Paul Dunn visited NAF El Centro to cover Exercise Merlin Vortex for GAR. Here are a few examples of other aircraft operating from the airfield at the time.

Welcome to my blogGAR

Gareth Stringer mulls over GAR’s first six months and takes a look ahead to the future.

Fort Lauderdale International

Landing at Fort Lauderdale International Paul could hardly believe his eyes when he saw not one NAMC YS-11s but four.

Fort Lauderdale Executive

Paul does a quick visit to Fort Lauderdale Executive looking for interesting aircraft and finds some unlikely suspects.

blogGAR Arrives!

Karl explains why the blogGAR feature's been added to the site and takes a look back at what's been happening in the weeks just gone.

Antonov An-225 in the East Midlands

Geoff visits East Midlands Airport to catchup once more with an old friend - Antonov Design Bureau's incredible An-225 Mriya.