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JUL 15 2010
Thunder at Farnborough as the JF-17 arrives.

Well, it created a stir when it was announced and despite weeks of uncertainty the JF-17 Thunder has finally arrived in Hampshire for the Farnborough Airshow.

Developed jointly by the Chengdu Aircraft Industries Corporation of China, the Pakistan Air Force and the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, the aircraft is designated as "JF-17" in Pakistan (Joint Fighter-17) and as "FC-1" in China (an abbreviation of "Fighter China-1).

Its appearance for the static display at Farnborough 2010, with a C-130 on support duty, highlights its export potential to the air forces of other developing countries as a cost-effective alternative to higher-tech, but far more expensive, Western fighters.

Developed primarily to meet the requirements of the Pakistan Air Force, JF-17 is a low-cost, multi-role combat aircraft and was seen as an ideal replacement for its ageing mixed fleet of Nanchang A-5, Chengdu F-7P / PG and Dassault Mirage III / V fighters.

The maiden test flight of the first prototype took place during 2003 in China with deliveries to the Pakistan Air Force for further flight testing and evaluation beginning in 2007; with the aircraft's first airshow demonstration also taking place that year in Islamabad. The Pakistan Air Force’s first JF-17 squadron officially stood up in February 2010.

The JF-17 is expected to cost approximately US$15 million per unit with the Pakistan Air Force confirming an order for 150 aircraft, although this may increase to 250.

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2010-08-11 - sham
Great pics. If JF-17 Thunder finds 4-5 more customers then it could become one of the most successful jets of our time. This will also give Pak-China more money to roll out new models of this jet. I hope China will to add this jet to its Air Force and hopefully Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Libya too.

2010-07-19 - NS
Stunning pics, expect to see more about JF-17 during the next 7 days with more in-depth analysis from your side.

2010-07-18 - Muhammad Khalid
Well, it is immense pleasure to read this news, Pakistan also included in the list of exporters of fighter aircrafts which clearly depicts the expertise of Pakistani engineers in that particular field, moreover, Pakistan also has a lot of potential professionals in other fields, the need is just to give them opportunities to explore themselves.

2010-07-18 - Gareth Stringer
Firstly thank you all for your comments. It's always great to welcome new people to GAR (if you haven't visited before!) and we hope you'll keep coming back for our main Tuesday updates and blogs. GAR is covering Farnborough and it was relatively easy for Paul to send us the images to go with my words on the aircraft.

I understand they "might" be returning home on the Tuesday after the show and Farnborough's public days are the 24th and 25th when anyone can go and see them on display.


2010-07-18 - Faddy
Good job. Thanks for the post. Most anticipated event for us Pakistanis.

2010-07-17 - zak
This is a 50/50 joint production by Pakistan and China, hardware by china and avionics and software by pakistan, however the hardware production will move also to pakistan when pakistan completes the facility for this. Then each country will produce it wholly on their own. This shows the capability of Pakistan in advanced engineering. I would hope it makes flights and a few acrobatics as well-thanks to your magazine for bringing to our attention.

2010-07-16 - Khan
Very impressive and looks very promissing

2010-07-16 - Omar Khan
Nice article and beautiful pics! Thank you for sharing this. Would love to see more of the Thunder at the airshow.
Best regards,

2010-07-16 - Akram
This aircraft's presence has indeed caused a stir. But most people want to see it fly, I'm disappointed it's only a static display, is there a reason for this?

2010-07-16 - saqib
Good research done. well done..

2010-07-16 - Zuhayer Tahir
Dear Sir,

Kindly keep us informed regarding the latest developments and photographs of this fighter jet.

Thanking you in advance,

Take Care.

2010-07-16 - jawad qamar
Sir i am very thankful to you for the pictures and report.

I hope that you will keep us updated about the JF-17 Thunder presence at Farnborough.

I wanted to ask if PAF plans to have AESA Radar or Western BVR like Mica or Meteor bvr or South African A-Dater or R dater missile

2010-07-15 - saaad
Thanks for the pics ......... hope you will have more for us as the show progresses.

2010-07-15 - Rick Zhao
Dear GARers,

I'm a Chinese aviation fans. Wondering, is it a private opportunity for the GAR reporters to shoot the arrivals of aircrafts? I really wanted to see JF-17(best with my camera) before the airshow day. Is there any public place I can take photo of the FIA aircrafts?

And many thanks to Gareth Stringer and Paul Dopson for bringing the JF-17 photos a week in advance of the FIA2010! Many Chinese military forums has quoted their reports and photos. We are so stirred up by them!


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