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GAM Previews: March Field Air Museum March Field Air Museum boasts one of the largest collections of preserved aircraft in California and is located on one of the oldest and most historic airfields in the US. Paul Dunn visited for GAM.
GAM Previews: United States Air Force Airman Heritage Museum The city of San Antonio in southern Texas is famous as the location of the Alamo, the scene of a famous 19th Century battle and symbol of Texan resistance. What is probably less well known is that it is also the home of the United States Air Force Airman Heritage Museum, which can be found inside the sprawling complex that is Lackland Air Force Base, on the western side of the city. Chris Wood recently paid a visit for GAM.
GAM Previews: Central Air Force Museum Monino One of the world’s largest aviation museums, the Central Air Force Museum in Monino is home to an amazing array of some 173 aircraft, almost all of which are of a Russian origin. Following on from his report on the Russian Air Force’s 100th Anniversary Airshow, Steve Coe takes us on a guided tour of the Monino collection.
Air Museums >> USA: American Air Power Museum Situated only a few miles from the bustling heart of New York City, under the flightpath into the city's John F Kennedy International Airport is a small airport with a lot of history. Chris Wood visits the American Air Power Museum.
GAM Previews: South African Air Force Museum Ysterplaat The South African Air Force Museum has a large collection of aircraft spilt between several sites throughout the country. Paul Dunn visits the museum at AFB Ysterplaat, in the suburbs of Cape Town.
GAM Previews: Israeli Air Force Museum - Hatzerim Hatzerim Air Base not only plays a hugely significant role within the Israeli Air Force of today but also has the responsibility for remembering and preserving the Israeli Air Force of yesterday.
GAM Previews: Västerås Flygmuseum Frank Grealish’s passion for air-to-air photography continues to grow, so when he was invited to Sweden to photograph a significant number of the aircraft resident at the Västerås Flygmuseum, it was an opportunity he simply had to take up. It’s not hard to see why this is Frank’s ‘thing’!
blogGAR: AIRBASE at Coventry-Baginton Airport Continuing his blogGAR catch-up, Karl takes us back to the meeting at AIRBASE for a piece on the Classic Aircraft Trust for Global Aviation Magazine
blogGAR: Sywell Aviation Museum Opens its Doors in 2012 With the airshow season creeping tantalisingly close, Huw was tempted up to Sywell Aerodrome, seeking his first warbird display of the year at the annual Sywell Aviation Museum Opening.
Aviation Events >> East Kirkby's Avro Lancaster NX611 'Just Jane' Special Access Photography Event The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby held its first event of 2012 on Saturday March 17th, presenting visitors with the unique opportunity to photograph resident Avro Lancaster B Mk.VII NX611 'Just Jane' in its natural environment. Elliott Marsh was there for GAR, with additional images from Thomas Pitts.
Aviation News >> Harrier ZD461 Arrives at IWM Duxford Wednesday 14th March saw the third and final delivery of a Harrier GR.9A for preservation following the type’s retirement in December of 2010, with the arrival of ZD461/51A at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. Martin Needham guest reports for GAR.
Aviation News >> Duxford's Vampire T.11 WZ590 rolls out The results of four years' work were evident at Duxford on Tuesday 13 March when de Havilland Vampire T.11 WZ590 was formally rolled out at the end of a painstaking conservation effort. Providing a distinctive contrast to an otherwise dull and gloomy day, WZ590 looked resplendent in a fresh coat of dayglo. Lindsay Peacock was there for GAR.
Aviation News >> UK: The Shuttleworth Collection's Grumman FM-2 Wildcat, N49JC On 19 February 2012 the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden airfield in Bedfordshire took delivery of their latest acquisition: Grumman FM-2 Wildcat N49JC. Elliott Marsh reports for GAR, with imagery by Huw Hopkins.
GAM Previews: Royal Singapore Air Force Museum The Asian city-state of Singapore has one of the most prosperous economies in Asia and indeed the world. Its armed forces operate some of the most advanced equipment available and are considered to be the best-equipped in the region. The Republic of Singapore Air Force maintains a small but very interesting museum at Paya Lebar Airbase, which traces the history of the air arm from independence to its current potent incarnation. Paul Dunn pays a visit for Global Aviation Magazine.
GAM Previews: The China Aviation Museum - Datangshan There really is no other museum collection quite like the China Aviation Museum at Datangshan. The museum is enormous, with lots of aircraft on display, including some unique types which are not to be seen anywhere else. Paul Dunn reports for GAM.
Aviation News >> Connie Comes Home - N548GF / 53-548 EC-121T Warning Star Arrives at New Yanks Air Museum Home Saturday 14 January 2012 saw the long-awaited arrival of the Yanks Air Museum's Lockheed EC-121T Warning Star 53-548/N548GF at Chino. Mike Shreeve was there and reports for GAR.
GAM Previews: Fleet Air Arm Museum Yeovilton The Fleet Air Arm Museum houses Europe’s largest collection of naval aircraft. Located at RNAS Yeovilton, the spiritual home of the Fleet Air Arm, the collection features more than 90 aircraft divided between the core museum and its reserve collection. Shaun Schofield pays a visit to his local for GAM.
Special Events >> UK: Air Atlantique Classic Flight Night Runs 2011 Christmas nears and the weather begins to chill, setting the scene for the annual Air Atlantique Classic Flight Night Runs at Coventry Airport – now in its 4th consecutive year. Huw Hopkins froze for GAR.
GAM Previews: Cradle of Aviation Museum, Long Island, New York Tucked away in a quiet corner of a suburb of New York is a small aviation museum with a big story to tell. The Cradle of Aviation Museum is housed in a few hangars of what was once Mitchel Field, a busy Air Force Base which closed in 1961. Not far away, only 40 minutes by train on the Long Island Rail Road, is the bustling sea of humanity that is New York City. Chris Wood pays a visit.
Air Museums: Wellington Restoration at RAF Museum Cosford With the RAF Museum Cosford’s Michael Beetham Conservation Centre open all this week, giving visitors the opportunity to view the ongoing restoration of the Vickers Wellington, Gareth Stringer took a trip down the M54 to meet Ronald Cooper, a former Bomber Command Wellington pilot, and check it out for himself. Images - Gareth Stringer.
Military Aviation >> US Navy: A-3 Skywarrior Bu144825 (N878RS) Delivered to NAS Whidbey Island The US Navy operated the A-3 Skywarrior for 35 years between 1956 and 1991, but the type has actually been flown for a longer period of time in private sector hands. Hughes Aeronautical Operations, which would later become Raytheon Flight Test Operations, operated the 'Whale' from 1963 until very recently, an impressive 48 years. Paul Filmer reports from NAS Whidbey Island, WA, on the delivery of A-3 Bu144825 (N878RS) for preservation.
Air Museums >> US > TX: Cavanaugh Flight Museum - Dallas, Texas Product of one man’s enthusiasm for classic aircraft, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum is an excellent air museum located in the northern suburbs of Dallas, Texas. It recently became home to a pair of very well known airworthy warbirds, as Paul Dunn found out.
Airshows >> UK: Duxford Spring Air Show - Women in Aviation - Preview This Sunday the Imperial War Museum Duxford will open its doors for the first of its airshows of the 2011 season - The Spring Air Show. Huw Hopkins provides a preview of what you can expect to see.
Air Museums >> USA > CA: Western Museum of Flight - Torrance, California Located in Torrance, California, the Western Museum of Flight is an air museum that boasts only a small collection of aircraft, but one which includes a couple of very rare gems, with the emphasis on Northrop products. Paul Dunn reports from Zamperini Field.
Air Museums >> UK: The Museum of Berkshire Aviation The Museum of Berkshire Aviation at Woodley profiles the county's important contributions to aviation over the years, with many unique surprises to be enjoyed throughout. Huw Hopkins reports for GAR.
Air Museums >> UK: Dominie Delivered to RAF Museum Cosford Following hot on the heels of GAR’s coverage of the Dominie’s retirement from service, last Friday an example of the aircraft was delivered to the RAF Museum at Cosford. Gareth Stringer was there to see it. Images as credited.
Air Museums >> UK: RAF Museum London The Royal Air Force Museum London, located at the site of the former RAF station at Hendon, contains a veritable array of military aircraft covering a century of aviation. One of the finest collections of its kind, Hendon, as it is more commonly known, is one aviation museum that is always worth a visit. Elliott Marsh reports for GAR.
Air Museums >> UK: RAFM Cosford - Museum of Dreams The RAF Museum at Cosford offers unmatched glimpses into the realms of aviation past. First-time visitor Paul Fiddian reports on its outstanding collection of warplanes, transports, trainers and ultra-rare test aircraft.
Air Museums >> USA > CA: Oakland Aviation Museum On the face of it, the Oakland Aviation Museum is a fairly standard collection of US built aircraft. There is however one big surprise awaiting the visitor. Paul Dunn visits the museum and finds a rare example of an aircraft from the golden age of air travel.
Air Museums >> USA > CA: USS Midway Museum This year marks the 100th Anniversary of US Naval Aviation and one of the US Navy’s most distinguished ships is now a spectacular museum in San Diego Harbor. GAR will be bringing you a series of articles throughout the year to commemorate this anniversary and to kick things off Paul Dunn goes aboard the USS Midway.
Imperial War Museum London
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Formally opened by King George V on 9th June 1920, The Imperial War Museum London was originally created by Government decree to collect and display material relating to the Great War, which at that point was still being fought. At the beginning of the Second World War the Museum’s remit was enlarged to cover both World Wars and they were again extended in 1953 to include all military operations in which Britain or the Commonwealth has been involved in since August 1914. Huw Hopkins paid a visit for GAR.
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Part Two: Udvar Hazy Center
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The National Air and Space Museum is only able to exhibit a fraction of its collection in its Washington DC facility at any one time. In the second part of his look at the Smithsonian Institute’s collection, Paul Dunn takes a peek inside America’s Hangar.
Under a Bomber's Moon: East Kirkby's Lancaster Night Run
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Each November, the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby stages a night photo shoot and taxi run, courtesy of their famous Avro Lancaster ‘Just Jane’. Elliott Marsh was there to soak up the atmosphere of this exceptional event. Additional imagery from Glenn Beasley.
Cold War Jets Open Day Located a few miles south of Leicester, Bruntingthorpe, a former RAF and USAF bomber base and now a private airfield, is home to a collection of some of the most iconic British jets of the Cold War era. Not only that, most are maintained in a taxi-able condition. John Higgins attended the latest Cold War Jets Open Day to report for GAR.
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Part One: Washington DC
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The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is home to probably the largest and most important collections of aircraft in the world. In the first of a two part series, Paul Dunn visits the NASM facility on the National Mall in Washington DC.
Air Museums >> USA > CA: Lyon Air Museum
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It is not often that a completely new aviation museum opens its doors to the public, but the excellent Lyon Air Museum in Orange County, California is such a facility. Paul Dunn visits for GAR.
GAR's French Adventure Part 4 - Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace - Paris-Le Bourget As GAR's fifth and final day in France dawned it was time for a change of pace and a visit to Paris' Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace. Karl Drage reviews this fantastic museum.
RNZAF Museum
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The Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum is one of the largest collections of preserved aircraft in the southern hemisphere. Paul Dunn continues his series of reports from New Zealand by visiting historic Wigram airfield.
Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland
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Auckland’s Museum of Transport and Technology has a superb collection of aircraft, but is currently in the midst of a transformation to improve its visitor experience. Paul Dunn visited for GAR to see how this ambitious project is going.
Australia's Aviation Museums It’s not too often one of GAR’s team members reports from Australia, but that’s exactly where Doug Green went on recent trip to visit family. Naturally he couldn’t resist dropping in on a few museums to add to those he had explored on previous journeys to Oz.
March Field Air Museum
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Situated in Riverside county in the suburbs of Los Angeles, March ARB base is one of the oldest airfields in the USAF and is also home to a large collection of preserved aircraft. Paul Dunn visits for GAR.
Newark Air Museum
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Newark Air Museum is home to a number of significant aircraft and housed on what remains of the former WWII airfield of Winthorpe in eastern Nottinghamshire. Gareth Stringer made a maiden visit to the museum to report for GAR. Images as credited.
HAL Heritage Centre, Bangalore
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Best known for building other people’s designs under license, India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is also increasingly designing and building its own products. The company is headquartered in Bangalore and maintains a small heritage centre at its home base. Paul Dunn visits for GAR.
Jimmy Doolittle Air and Space Museum
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Located close to the San Francisco bay area, Travis AFB is a busy airfield, home to several squadrons of transport and tanker aircraft. It also has a good museum on base which Paul Dunn visited for GAR.
Classic Flight at Coventry Airport Air Atlantique's Classic Flight owns one of the most impressive collections of airworthy and potentially airworthy aircraft in the UK and, for many years, has dedicated itself to displaying these aircraft at airshows and giving people the opportunity to fly in them. Global Aviation Resource travelled to Coventry Airport to learn more. Words - Gareth Stringer. Images - as credited.
USS Intrepid Museum
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A feature of the New York landscape for nearly 30 years, the USS Intrepid has recently been given a multimillion dollar facelift. Paul Dunn pays a visit to the veteran aircraft carrier to see what has changed.
Midland Air Museum Located outside the perimeter fence on the northside of Coventry Airport - itself on the site of the former RAF Baginton - is the Midland Air Museum's eclectic collection of aviation exhibits. As a pre-cursor to Air Atlantique Classic Flight's second Nightshoot Karl Drage stopped by to see what had changed.
Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum The Flying Leatherneck Museum at MCAS Miramar, California, chronicles the illustrious history of US Marine Corps Aviation and has big plans for the future. Paul Dunn visits for GAR.
RAF Museum Hosts MH-53 Ceremony with Chief of the Air Staff Global Aviation Resource travelled to Cosford to attend a ceremony marking the dedication of the RAF Museum’s newest exhibit and took the opportunity to talk the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Stephen Dalton. Words – Gareth Stringer / Pictures – Karl Drage
East Kirkby - Just Jane's Night-time Taxi Run This year’s Halloween celebrations provided a real treat in the form of the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre's annual night-time taxi run of their resident Lancaster. Glenn Beasley was in attendance for GAR.
South African National Museum of Military History Nestled in a quiet residential suburb of Johannesburg, the South African National Museum of Military History houses exhibits reflecting the turbulent history of the South African nation, including some unique aircraft. Paul Dunn visited for GAR.
Duxford's American Air Day 2009 The American Air Day held at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford showcased the work of the United States Air Force in Europe and in particular the Third Air Force partially based in the UK. Glenn Beasley dropped in for GAR.
East Fortune Airshow 2009 The National Museum of Flight houses one of Scotland's foremost aviation collections as well as hosting one of the country's few major airshows. Tom Sunley took a trip to East Fortune to check out the show for GAR...
MH-53 Goes on Display The first Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter to go on display in the UK has done so at the RAF Museum Cosford. Words by Karl Drage.
Air Museums >> USA > CA: Palm Springs Air Museum Located in Southern California’s Coachella Valley and close to the city of Los Angeles, Palm Springs is famous as a holiday resort and home to many retired senior citizens. The city’s airport is home to a substantial collection of preserved aircraft, many of which are maintained in an airworthy state. Paul Dunn visited for GAR.
Indian Air Force Museum, Palam, New Delhi Hidden away on the far side of Delhi's International Airport is a significant collection of historic aircraft and memorabilia, telling the story of the Indian Air Force. Paul Dunn reports from India for GAR.