Steve Comber – Staff Photographer and Writer

Smitten by the sight of 56 Squadron ‘Firebirds’ Lightnings performing diamond nine formation aerobatics over Colchester Tattoo in the late sixties, my love affair with all things aviation wise was fuelled by the 1976 RAF Mildenhall Air Fete, at the age of 12 my first photography was with an instamatic 110mm film camera! The memories are great, the pictures are awful but hey, that’s how it started.

Building both a family and business my aviation interests took a ‘back seat’ until the last ten years or so. Approached by Ian Allan to join the team as an Aviation Tour Manager, travel played a much greater part of my life filled with avgas fumes, a network of friends and opportunities presented themselves and ‘mushroomed out of all imaginable proportions’.

With tour managing scaled back, personal projects really ‘took off’ and 2012 accounted for visits to 18 different countries totalling 35 weeks away from the UK. Air to air photography has become almost addictive, challenging in every aspect; some unusual, others very rare, including Polish Air Force Su22s, German Air Force F4s, Polish MiG-29s and French AF Mirage 2000Ns.

Most recent air to airs include the German Air Force F4’s sunset shoot two weeks ago for exclusive use by the GAF prior to the types retirement – boy what a ride that was.

Building an extensive image library with internet books presented to the US & French Navy, Russian Air Force & Japanese Air Self Defence Force, with occasional publication in Combat & AFM, more recent use includes publication of images within GAR, I’m very pleased that I’ve been asked to join the team and share my passion….

Canon & Nikon user inc D1X, D1MkIV, 7D, D800, 500mm F4, 100-400mm standard issue amongst us all I believe, 24-70. 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 24-105mm, 10-20mm Sigma plus an ever useful Canon G12.