Rob Edgcumbe – Staff Photographer & Writer

Rob has no idea how he got interested in aviation but it happened young. Growing up on the Isle of Wight, he was a little isolated from most aviation activities but that didn’t stop him. Via an RAF Sixth Form Scholarship, he got his pilot’s license when he was 17, shortly before his driving license. He went on to study Aeronautical Engineering at Imperial College before joining what was then British Aerospace at Warton in the aerodynamics department.

A variety of career steps moved him out of engineering and into other aspects of the business before ultimately moving out of aerospace altogether and into other industries. It turns out aerospace engineering sets you up well for a lot of other jobs!

One big regret is all of those years spent at Warton and so little imagery to show for it! Another is to go back to the film from old shows and find one shot of something now considered a rarity. “I used to shoot five or six films for a big show and thought that was extravagant. Compared to the number of shots I would take now, I am lucky to have got what I did!”

Highlights have included a shuttle launch, the Blackbird displays at Mildenhall in the 80s and to discover just how willing so many aviation people are to share what they are doing.