Paul Dunn – Editor-at-large

Paul was born in Liverpool in 1977, and despite growing up in an area which was fairly remote from the more interesting aspects of aviation, he somehow developed an interest in aircraft from an early age. His first airshow was IAT ’89 at RAF Fairford, and from there he was hooked. His interest in aviation developed during the 1990s through airshows and family holidays to East Anglia. He was also able to sample flying through the Combined Cadet Force (RAF Section) which led to an RAF Flying Scholarship in 1994.

After completing the flying scholarship, and some additional hours, his flying “career” was put on hold so that he could attend university, at UEA in Norwich, Norfolk. During four years in Norwich, his interest in photography really developed, and he bought his first SLR in 1997.

Upon graduation in 1999, Paul’s interest in aviation led to him successfully applying for sponsored flying training by a UK airline, and he duly departed for the USA to learn to fly. On completion of the course, he converted onto the Airbus A320, flying the short-haul jet for just over five years, before moving on to long haul and the Boeing 747-400 in 2006.

Paul’s job gives him excellent opportunities for travel, and also to pursue his photography in some interesting and unusual destinations, including air shows in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, air bases in Japan and the US and museums in India and China.

His photographic equipment has changed over the years – he went digital in 2005, and now primarily uses a pair of Canon 40D/50D cameras, with exclusively Canon lens. His current selection is 10-22mm, 24-105mm L, 70-200mm F2.8L, 300mm F4L and 500mm F4.5.