Paul Dopson – Staff Photographer & Writer

On a May Weekend in 1977, Paul attended the Silver Jubilee Airshow at White Waltham Airfield which was to become the start of his aviation interests. What was so special about this show to influence a young lad? The sight of a British Airways Vickers VC-10 at “grass cutting” height during its display was enough to inspire anyone. In fact another more famous Paul, a certain Mr Bonhomme, also credits this display as his starting point in aviation!

Since then, Paul’s passion for aviation has seen him attend airshows throughout the world but he always regards Farnborough as his ‘home’ airshow. Paul took his first pictures at the 1978 Farnborough Airshow with a 110 style camera, upgrading to his first SLR in the mid ’80s. After a short break from attending airshows whilst working in Formula 1 racing, Paul embraced the new digital world with his first digital SLR purchased in 2000. Since then he hasn’t looked back, although the constant progress in Nikon technology has taken a toll on his bank account!

Paul is another pilot on the GAR team but is rather unique in that he prefers the lighter than air form, piloting a hot air balloon and is also one of the few balloon AOC holders in the UK . Paul lives in Wales in the heart of the military low flying system and can also be found flying at balloon meets around Europe.