Aviation Event – Sea King HAR3 Return to Flight

Historic Helicopters has been busy returning Westland helicopters to flight.  Following on from the Whirlwind and the Wessex, today an ex-RAF Sea King HAR3 joined the fleet in the air.  Kevin Wills was there and provided some video and photos of the flight for GAR.

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Aviation Event – Boeing 777X First Flight

The Boeing 777X has finally undertaken its first flight from Paine Field in Everett Washington and this delayed event will signal the start of a long-awaited the flight test campaign. Rob Edgcumbe reports on the process to get the 777X programme this far, with pictures from Jake Welty and Rob Edgcumbe.

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Military Aviation – NAF El Centro October 2019

Naval Air Facility El Centro (Vraciu Field) facility is a key element within the US Naval Aviation Training system. Global Aviation Resource was recently able to spend a couple days at El Centro to experience first-hand the training activities and the bi-annual Photocall. Tom Gibbons and Kevin Wills report.

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