Aviation News – The People’s Mosquito – Press Release

Today marks 80 years to the day since one of the most influential aircraft to have ever flown first took to the skies. The de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito – affectionately named the Wooden Wonder by a British public stunned by its unmatched performance – went on to become one of the most important aircraft of World War Two. 

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Feature – Flying Along With a SOFIA Mission

The SOFIA airborne telescope provides a unique capability to observe the heavens.  Charles Mason was able to see the aircraft up close and personal on two occasions with the media event held at Stuttgart and to participate in a mission from Palmdale.  In this feature for Global Aviation Resource, Charles details the history of the programme and describes the mission experience.

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Aviation Event – Sea King HAR3 Return to Flight

Historic Helicopters has been busy returning Westland helicopters to flight.  Following on from the Whirlwind and the Wessex, today an ex-RAF Sea King HAR3 joined the fleet in the air.  Kevin Wills was there and provided some video and photos of the flight for GAR.

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