John Higgins – Staff writer and photographer

Growing up within spitting distance of Manchester Airport and with a dad with a keen interest in aviation, it was no surprise that John developed a fascination with the subject.

His first airshow was the 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee review at RAF Finningley and after witnessing the mass Vulcan scramble and seeing the Aussie F-111 depart with its tail on fire, he was hooked. Many family holidays in Wales on Anglesey and at Tenby in close proximity to RAF Valley and Brawdy respectively, only increased the fascination as he grew up.

His interest in aviation translated into his working life, with him working at Manchester Airport for 20 years and more recently at Gloucester-Staverton.

In 1990 he bought his first Canon SLR and has continued to use Canon equipment ever since. After making the switch to digital back in 2003 his photography moved to a whole new level and in 2004 he became one of the founding members of Air Team Images.

His work has been published in most of the leading aviation magazines in the UK, including Flight, Aircraft, Combat Aircraft, Airforces Monthly, Air International and also in the national press, his work has also appeared as backdrops at many trade shows throughout the world for many well known aviation companies.

A high point for John came in 2006 when he travelled to Bahrain for a 24 hour embark with the US Navy onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt. This was to cover the iconic F-14 Tomcat during its final combat cruise in the Persian Gulf, a memory that will last a lifetime.