Glenn Beasley – Staff Photographer and Writer

Glenn’s aviation routes stem from his father being an engineer on the mighty Vulcan bomber during the late 1960’s at RAF Scampton. Born in 1976, his earliest childhood memories are of the RAF Finningley Battle of Britain at Home Days and displays at RAF Church Fenton.

Glenn was inspired to photograph aircraft after reading the books of well known aviation photographer T.Shia and began to take photographs of aircraft in 1988 with a Praktica BC1 SLR. But it wasn’t until the digital age that his passion for aviation really took off, with the arrival of his first DSLR in 2003.

Since then he has amassed a large portfolio of aviation images across all genres. Whilst military aviation may have been his first love, he is now equally interested in classic jets and warbirds and is a regular shooter of civilian aviation. He is enjoys the challenge of low level photography, not least a safe ascent and descent of the hills in the low fly areas!

Highlights have included tanker flights with the 100th ARW at RAF Mildenhall, including privileged access in real time operations during Operation Unified Protector (OUP) in 2011 over Libya. He has also visited a number of bases in the USA, including Nellis AFB for Red Flag and flown over the 309th AMARG ‘Boneyard’ facility.

His favourite aircraft of all time is the F-14 Tomcat which he was delighted to encounter during two visits to the NAS Oceana Airshow in 2005. Obviously, given his father’s previous role in the RAF, he also gets a certain ‘tingle down the spine’ every time he gets to see the mighty Vulcan, especially as he lives next door to XH558, just outside of Doncaster.

Glenn’s work has featured regularly in many of the monthly aviation magazines on sale, in books, calendars and marketing campaigns. He has featured in the Royal Air Force Yearbook and material produced especially for the unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in London.

Glenn uses Canon equipment, predominantly the EOS 1D MKIII with 300mm f2.8 and 70-200 f2.8 lenses. He is married to Adele and they have a three year old daughter Katie.