Gareth Stringer – Executive Editor


With a father who served with XV Squadron on Victor B.1s and an uncle who worked on Meteors at Duxford, aviation was always going to play a prominent part in Gareth’s upbringing and he was bitten by the bug from an early age.

He attended his first airshow (and took his first aviation photos) more than 25 years ago and has stayed abreast of aviation current affairs ever since, all the while fuelling a prodigious appetite to read and collect books on the subject.

Gareth joined the Air Training Corps at 14, the Chipmunk flights were unforgettable, but unfortunately never achieved his childhood dream with the RAF, although he did manage a week of “work experience” at Lakenheath with the 494th TFS and its F-111s!

His love of writing played a big part in his career in the world of public relations and that is what he did for 15 years, mainly involved with the football industry where he has worked with some of the beautiful game’s biggest names and biggest events.


But the passion for aviation always remained and the last three years have seen Gareth providing regular content for GAR, GAM, and the likes of Jets Magazine – while working hard to improve the photography skills that he originally learned all those years ago!

Gareth’s other day job is web design, which he conducts for a number of aviation clients, and he also commentates at airshows, and has narrated and presented for PlanesTV.


Gareth’s latest images on Flickr:

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