Chris Wood – Staff Photographer & Writer

Chris blames his passion for aviation on his mum! Growing up close to one of the world’s busiest airports, Chris’s first aviation memories are of being taken to Heathrow after primary school and watching the aircraft from the spectators’ car park (in the late 1960s this was a grass field at the side of the perimeter road!).

His secondary school was in High Wycombe, close to the Headquarters of RAF Strike Command, so it had a very active RAF section in its cadet force, which Chris joined at the earliest opportunity. Having become an avid aviation enthusiast he was keen to pursue a career in aviation.

However, having family connections with the Royal Navy meant that after school he chose to join the RN rather than the RAF, where he trained as a helicopter pilot. He completed two tours flying the Anti-Submarine Warfare version of the Sea King with 819 NAS and 814 NAS, before converting onto the Jetstream with 750 NAS at Culdrose.

At the end of that tour Chris elected to leave the Service and was very fortunate to land a job with Dan Air as a First Officer flying the Boeing 727. He went on to fly the Airbus A300 and the BAe 146 with Dan Air before finding himself without a job following the British Airways’ takeover. After a few months ‘resting’ he was employed flying Boeing 747s, and has been doing that ever since, in both it’s ‘Classic’ and 400 versions.

He also holds a current helicopter licence (although he hasn’t used if for a while!) and can occasionally be found flying small aeroplanes!

Chris bought his first SLR, a Practica LTL, in 1976 and used this up to 1982 when he traded it in for a Canon AE1. He’s been a Canon user ever since, switching to digital in 2006 and now sports a pair of EOS 7Ds with a selection of mostly L series lenses. His bag currently contains a 24-105 L, an L series 70-200 f2.8, a 300 f2.8 L, as well as an EF-S 10-22.