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Feature – Flying Along With a SOFIA Mission

The SOFIA airborne telescope provides a unique capability to observe the heavens.  Charles Mason was able to see the aircraft up close and personal on two occasions with the media event held at Stuttgart and to participate in a mission from Palmdale.  In this feature for Global Aviation Resource, Charles details the history of the programme and describes the mission experience.

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Aviation Event – Boeing 777X First Flight

The Boeing 777X has finally undertaken its first flight from Paine Field in Everett Washington and this delayed event will signal the start of a long-awaited the flight test campaign. Rob Edgcumbe reports on the process to get the 777X programme this far, with pictures from Jake Welty and Rob Edgcumbe.

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Airshow Report – MAKS 2019, Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation

The bi-annual MAKS event in Zhukovsky is always guaranteed to uncover something unusual among the regular participants. This year was the first appearance of the Su-47 after many, many years tucked away in the Sukhoi storage area following its public outing in 2007. Paul Filmer provides a pictorial overview of some of the sights during the week.

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