BlogGAR – Shaun Schofield – 2013 in thirteen

BlogGAR – Shaun Schofield – 2013 in thirteen

After a busy year of airshows and events, the off-season provides an opportunity to reflect on the season’s highlights. Shaun Schofield does just that with his top thirteen images of 2013. I always find it difficult to whittle down a season into so few images,...

BlogGAR – Karl Drage – London-Luton Airport – 17/04/2013

As Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher divided opinion greatly. Expectations that her funeral would be attended by world leaders from far and wide, by and large, proved to be inaccurate, with just two heads of state and 11 Prime Ministers present. Having learnt that Stansted would be very quiet for the occasion, Luton Airport became my venue of choice on the day itself.

BlogGAR – Karl Drage – Amsterdam-Schiphol 09/05/2013

BlogGAR – Karl Drage – Amsterdam-Schiphol 09/05/2013

The third and final day of my trip to Germany and the Netherlands started with an 0630 alarm call. Behind the curtains the sun was already shining and the sky was relatively free of cloud. FlightStats indicated that two KLM MD-11s were due to arrive back at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport at 0650 and 0750 respectively. There was no way we would be in position for the first but every chance we’d catch the second.

BlogGAR – Karl Drage – RAF Valley – 06-07/02/2013

As many of you will have already seen in Issue 18 of Global Aviation Magazine, I visited IV(R) Squadron at RAF Valley in February and spent a fair chunk of time outside the wire too. While the vast majority of the better Hawk T2 images were published there, some of the leftovers feature here, together with shots of other types that were active.

BlogGAR – Karl Drage – Air-to-Air with Euro Seaplane Services C182R, G-ESSL

Following on from being given the chance to photograph DC-3 “Drag-‘Em-Oot” back in June of 2012, a further opportunity arose in August, when Jon Butts once again contacted me to make me aware of a commemorative flight that would be operating from Lee-on-the-Solent. The particular commemoration in question would mark the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the Saunders Roe Princess – an occasion we marked on old GAR.

BlogGAR – Karl Drage – My Wittmund Phantom Phinale

BlogGAR – Karl Drage – My Wittmund Phantom Phinale

Two weeks ago I was resigned to the fact I’d already photographed my last German Luftwaffe F-4F Phantom II…. All that changed when, with just five days’ notice, an invitation was received from JG-71 to attend an event to welcome the ‘jubilee’ “FIRST IN, LAST OUT” specially-marked aircraft to Wittmund on its delivery flight from Jever, where it had been painted.


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