Taxiing back in © Rob Edgcumbe – Global Aviation Resource

The Eviation Alice development team continue their progress towards first flight.  Taxi trials have been underway and Rob Edgcumbe was there for GAR to see the latest progress.

In GAR’s previous post here, we saw the Eviation Alice airframe out at Arlington, north of Seattle, as they looked to commence high speed taxi trials.  A few technical issues that day meant they didn’t get to move the aircraft but further work has taken place and the team has now commenced further taxi trials.  January in the Pacific Northwest of the US is not always great for good weather but the team has been making use of what opportunities they can get.


The flight test team prepare to start testing © Rob Edgcumbe – Global Aviation Resource

Turning on the taxiway © Rob Edgcumbe – Global Aviation Resource


The long wing span and slender fuselage show up at this angle © Rob Edgcumbe – Global Aviation Resource

Taxiing has involved more rapid accelerations along Arlington’s main runway which is closed for testing slots.  They have not, at the time of writing, raised the nosewheel from the runway but more progress is anticipated as they check off test points.  We will aim to be in place if possible to see further tests as they develop.  Some video of the taxiing is also included below.