To commemorate The Buccaneer Aviation Group’s successful move from Bruntingthorpe to the Cotswold Airport, GAR takes a look back at a very special feature.

In the late Summer of 2012 I was hugely privileged to experience a fast run down Bruntingthorpe’s runway in Buccaneer XW544, courtesy of the incredible bunch of volunteers that make up The Buccaneer Aviation Group.

Today the Group’s two Buccs completed their enforced move from Bruntingthorpe to a new home at the Cotswold Airport. Donations from the general public not only enabled this move to take place but assured the future of these historic Cold War jets and seeing them receive so much coverage of late naturally drew me back to that wonderful experience in 2012.  

The feature I wrote about that day was published in our digital, page-turning magazine – Global Aviation Magazine. We partnered with a digital publisher to distribute these online and they were available to buy on a monthly basis and have never been available for free. Until now.

We have been planning to make these available for some time and while Issue 13 might not be the most obvious place to start, this is where you’ll find the Buccaneer feature, and much much more:

We will soon be publishing a page here on GAR from which you’ll be able to find and read every issue produced. We firmly believe that they have more than stood the test of time and we remain hugely proud of the features they contain – just ignore the ads and links as they are way out of date!  

So, as an ode to Bruntingthorpe’s seeming demise as a vital hub for Cold War aviation in the UK, and to wish all the ‘T-Baggers’ good luck in their new home, here it is:

[3d-flip-book mode=”fullscreen” id=”113307″][/3d-flip-book]


It would also be hugely remiss of us to ignore the stunning video of that day, produced by Jon Duke. Hopefully your ears finally stopped ringing, Jon! 


Gareth Stringer – Editor