On 11 May 2015 NAF 475, the second of a batch of four Alpha Jets bound for the Nigerian Air Force, arrived at Manchester direct from Reykjavik on part of a long ferry flight from the United States of America. John Higgins writes.

NAF475 MAN 110515a.jpg

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The first example also came through Manchester at the back end of March. The jets, from Air USA, a company that specialises in military combat readiness training, are thought to be attrition replacements for the Nigerians.

NAF475 MAN 110515b.jpg

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NAF475 is seen here departing after a short stop to refuel; the jet experienced some intermittent transponder issues shortly after take-off and had to return to Manchester, for what was an overnight stop to try and resolve the problem.

NAF475 MAN 110515c.jpg

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Nice to see a bit of colour on a military aircraft these days, it makes a change from the usual black or grey examples we usually see.