Camera technology these days means that we can put ourselves in almost any cockpit. There are some superb videos out there, and here are a few of our favourites.

Through the eyes of a pilot – London Gatwick to Lanzarote:

Cockpit view of a Boeing 737 (B737-800) full flight from takeoff to landing. A pilot’s view from the flight deck.



If fast jets are your thing, then you’ll love this F-16 video, which includes some stunning footage courtesy of the 36th Fighter Squadron ‘Flying Fiends’


Hornet Ball 2013:

Carrier aviation now, and this video was made by ‘Wingnut’ for the annual gathering of West Coast Naval F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet squadrons. Thirteen minutes long – but well worth watching.


World record hot air balloon flight – Lorraine Mondial Air Ballons 2013:

Recommended by our resident balloon pilot, Paul Dopson, this beautiful film shows what its like to fly with 408 other balloons, at Chambley in France – a world record. It’s not a cockpit as such, but is definitely one to watch in HD!


 Flying DH Mosquito KA114:

In October 2012 Warren Denholm put a camera on his helmet to record a photo shoot conducted from Ardmore with the DH Mosquito and a DH Vampire over Auckland city in New Zealand. This is the result…


P-40 display practise:

Filmed in New Zealand, this aircraft, a P-40E Kittyhawk, is seen during a display practice at Hood.


Jurgis Kairys – Su-31:

Aerobatics now – sit back and watch as Jurgis Kairys displays his Su-31 at the Bucharest International Air Show in 2013


Eurofighter Typhoon – a ride with the best:

Now showing as an interactive ‘ride’ at the Science Musuem,  experience the thrills of flying back-seat in the RAF’s Typhoon frontline jet fighter. This film features highlights of an ultra-low level mission over the stunning scenery of the Lake District and the Welsh valleys and is narrated, and piloted, by Flt Lt Jamie Norris.


We know there are loads out there – so what are your favourites?