This short documentary tells the story of how, in 2005, an 83-year-old veteran of World War 2 came to see the footage of his wheels up landing in Spitfire PR.XI PA944 for the first time some 61 years on.  It’s so much more than that, though, and should be considered compulsory viewing for all.

Once again, it was where I happened upon this superb piece of film.  To hear the man talk about his incredibly daring photo-reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines, without guns or ‘top cover’, was eye-opening.  To then be able to see his reaction as he realised that the film he was being shown was of his own forced landing was just wonderful.  The subsequent lucidity with which he was able to recount the events leading up to and then after the incident were truly remarkable; it was as if it had happened just the day before.

A must watch, in my humble opinion.