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FEB 14 2012
Airshows>>UK: Exclusive - 2012 RAF Tucano Display Scheme Revealed

As you can see, this year's Tucano is wearing an ambitious and extremely eye-catching scheme truly befitting an aircraft displaying in the Queen's 60th Jubilee year. The striking red, white and blue markings are complimented by a large 'E II R' emblem on the airframe's underside which has been reproduced with the express permission of Buckingham Palace itself.

If you click on the banner above you can see all three views of the scheme and the topside of the aircraft (ZF269 for those who like to keep tabs) represents the Royal Air Force roundel and the final result is everything that Jon and his colleagues hoped it would be.

"We really wanted to have a theme this year," he tells me, "and it is after all Her Majesty's Royal Air Force, so the Jubilee was the natural way to go. The aircraft is in the paint shop as we speak and it is going to be hugely exciting when it is finally ready - though there's a lot of painting to be completed yet! We must extend our sincere thanks to our designer Jo Gough and also to Babcock who have ensured that this all happens at no cost to the RAF."

Jon's display Tucano, along with a slightly less ambitious, but still nicely painted, spare (the aircraft we recently featured here on GAR), are sure to cause a stir at shows around the UK and Europe this year and Jon's work-up is progressing well.

"I've already been cleared down to 500ft which is obviously great news. My aim when I designed the routine was to show all sides of the aircraft and keep everything nice and tight and close to the crowd.

"I've added a couple of brand new manoeuvres such as the 'Noddy Prince of Wales' which sees the aircraft effectively bowing to the crowd and also a 'Negative 8th Clover' which is an interesting one to fly and looks fantastic.

'Bondy', a Creamie flying instructor who has been at RAF Linton-on-Ouse since February 2009, will be assisted by two Display Managers this season in Flt Lts Rich Keeling and Rob Brennan and the Team can't wait to get started.

"It goes without saying that we are really looking forward to it now. We are starting to get very busy already with display admin and it won't be too long before we can get out and meet the public and show them the display and the aircraft. Hopefully loads of people will come and see us on the ground as we also want to try and raise plenty of money for our chosen charities. Our first display can't come round soon enough!"

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