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Northolt Night Photoshoot XXI

If a certain Danish brewery did Night Photoshoots …….

Night photoshoots have become all the rage in recent years and now pop up all over the place. However the trend was started at RAF Northolt in west London several years ago. Northolt’s biannual events have become very popular and are now firmly established on the aviation calendar. Chris Wood reports from the latest nightshoot, with additional photography by John Higgins.

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New issue of GAM out now – Royal Air Force special!

Issue 20 of Global Aviation Magazine is now live and FREE to download – and it’s almost 200 pages dedicated to the Royal Air Force. The RAF celebrated it’s 95th birthday earlier this year, and we’ve been working on this commemorative issue for some time now – so we hope you enjoy it! It’s packed full of features – let’s take a look inside: Midair Squadron and Canberra PR9 XH134 Karl Drage takes an exclusive look at the history of the Canberra PR9, and XH134’s return to flight. Special Paint Schemes of the RAF Display teams, solos, anniversaries, commemorations...

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