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Military Exercise – 11 Flottille’s Rafales work-up on R91, Charles de Gaulle

The AĆ©ronavale’s 11 Flottille (11F) was recently deployed to the Mediterranean on board aircraft carrier R91, Charles de Gaulle, for a work-up exercise aimed at preparing the squadron for forthcoming deployment. One of the squadron’s Dassault Rafale pilots spoke to Steve Comber during a recent embark of France’s potent aircraft carrier, relating his experiences of flying and training on both the Dassault Super Etendard and the Rafale.

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Aviation News – Royal Netherlands Air Force retires AB-412 and disbands 303 SAR Squadron

On 1 January 2015 the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) retired the Agusta Bell AB-412 SP SAR helicopters, followed on 15 January by the disbandment of 303 SAR Squadron after 55 years of service. Joan le Poole ( guest reports for GAR and takes the opportunity to look back into the history of search and rescue operations in the RNLAF.

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