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Airshows – MAKS 2017 Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation

MAKS is held at the Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky in the Russian Federation, and is a bi-annual event, located just to the South-East of Moscow. Paul Filmer took his third trip to the event this July. Primarily a trade show, MAKS differs from other by having many other peripheral aircraft on display. With the airfield being the primary location for aircraft testing, there are all sorts of aircraft littered around the place which can be towed out to be on static display. There seems to be an almost unlimited selection that they can pick from from each event. The NPO...

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Aviation Event – Solar Impulse Completes Pacific Crossing

Feats of exploration are not something that get a huge amount of attention these days. Whether it is because they don’t happen very often or because they don’t overcome the noise of modern life is not clear. One project has done a great job of sharing themselves with the world while also bringing a message about renewable technologies. Solar Impulse landed in California on the 9th leg of their round the world voyage. Rob Edgcumbe saw the arrival and visited with them. Hayman Tam provides additional images.

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Aviation Feature – Textron Airland Scorpion

Textron Airland is currently developing their Scorpion aircraft as a light weight and low cost attack and surveillance aircraft. Part of its testing program brought the prototype to Centennial Airport south of Denver. Paul Filmer caught up with the jet and the team there. Rob Edgcumbe provides some background to the project.

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