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Airshows – MAKS 2017 Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky, Russian Federation

MAKS is held at the Ramenskoye Airport, Zhukovsky in the Russian Federation, and is a bi-annual event, located just to the South-East of Moscow. Paul Filmer took his third trip to the event this July. Primarily a trade show, MAKS differs from other by having many other peripheral aircraft on display. With the airfield being the primary location for aircraft testing, there are all sorts of aircraft littered around the place which can be towed out to be on static display. There seems to be an almost unlimited selection that they can pick from from each event. The NPO...

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Feature – Southern California Logistics Airport, Victorville – an Aerial Perspective

Southern California Logistics Airport, or more colloquially called simply Victorville in the aviation community, is one of the larger storage and reclamation sites in California, and is still home to many interesting aircraft. Paul Filmer takes a flight around the airport. As the perimeter road around the east side of the airport is now closed off, shots from the ground of the main storage area are more tricky but, luckily, a flight can sort that out. Fittingly, as this is the former George Air Force Base, there is an F-4 Phantom displayed here, in really nice condition. Some photos...

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Feature – Mojave Air and Space Port – an Aerial Perspective

Mojave Airport, or Mojave Air and Space Port as its known now, is one of many aircraft storage and reclamation airports dotted around California. Paul Filmer takes a flight around the airport. My first trip here was in 1984, and then you were free to roam the ramps, but these days of course that’s certainly not the case. Even the tours of the storage areas don’t allow photography anymore, due to people not abiding by simple rules. One way to get around the problems of heat-haze on the ground and a cluttered view, is to tackle photography from the...

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Aviation Event – Flabob DC-3 Fly-In, California

This was my first visit to Flabob Airport, and it was a nice surprise to see an old fashioned sleepy local airport nestled in a mostly residential area. Paul Filmer reports from the first Flabob DC-3 Fly-In. The occasion was the first Flabob DC-3 Fly-In, and the organisers had hoped for 20 DC-3s to be in attendance. But reality of maintenance issues plus string winds meant that only 9 turned up, but that’s at least 8 more than you’ll usually find at many airports. It was very people friendly, with food, beer and places to sit in the shade,...

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BlogGAR – Paul Filmer – United Airlines Boeing 747 Chasing at San Francisco

I found myself on a business trip to San Francisco (SFO) last week, so I took the opportunity to do a little shooting during the first hour after sunrise and last light in the evening. Paul Filmer’s reports from SFO. Although I live at a United Airlines (UAL) hub, we see almost no Boeing 747s there. A few weeks ago UAL announced that they would be phasing the Boeing 747 out of service this year. SFO, being on the west coast, gets a lot of UAL 747 flights, so it seemed like a good opportunity to capture some on...

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