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1: Airshows >> UK: Exclusive - Flt Lt Jamie Norris: 2013 RAF Typhoon Display Pilot
Late last year Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris was named as the 2013 Royal Air Force Typhoon Display Pilot. Gareth Stringer visited him to learn more about what displaying the Typhoon entails. Images – as credited.

2: GAM Previews: Flight of the Hunter T7A
Back in Issue 15 of GAM, Gareth Stringer told the story of a series of flights he was lucky enough to experience in Newcastle Jet Provost Group’s T3A. This time he trades the JP in for something a tiny bit faster - Hunter Flight Academy’s Hunter T7A WV318 / G-FFOX.

3: Airshows>> UK: Exclusive Imagery - 2013 RAF Tucano Display Scheme Revealed
Global Aviation Resource is delighted to reveal the 2013 Royal Air Force Tucano Display scheme and further information courtesy of display pilot, Flt Lt Andrew Fyvie-Rae. Gareth Stringer reports with imagery courtesy of the Team itself.

4: GAM Previews: Jet Provost T3A From the Cockpit
2012 saw Gareth Stringer fulfil a lifelong dream and fly in a fast jet. It all started with the JP3 at RAF Cosford, thanks to Neil McCarthy, and here's the first part of a story that will be continued next month.

5: GAM Previews: Republic's F-105 Thunderchief
Gareth Stringer looks back at the life and times of the Republic F-105 Thunderchief, including memories from one Royal Air Force pilot who flew the mighty ‘Thud’, and the aircraft’s distinguished performances in the skies over Vietnam.

6: GAM Previews: Handley Page Victor at 60
The last of the V-bomber trilogy, the Handley Page Victor saw service with the Royal Air Force in more than one role. Gareth Stringer talks to several members of the Victor community, including a very close family member, about their memories and experiences of the aircraft.

7: GAM Previews: The Iron Lady - '558 Bounces Back to Complete Jubilee Season
Gareth Stringer talks exclusively to Vulcan display pilot Bill Ramsey, as XH558 recovers from early season difficulties to complete 2012 in style with a ‘Jubilee Tour’ of the UK. Includes stunning air-to-air imagery from Frank Grealish.

8: GAM Previews: The Buccaneer Aviation Group (TBAG)
It’s been out of RAF service for almost 20 years but, as Gareth Stringer found out, opportunities to see and feel the power of the Blackburn Buccaneer in the UK are still very much available.

9: GAM Previews: Swiss F/A-18 Hornet from the Cockpit
The F/A-18 Hornet is a multirole fighter aircraft currently operated by eight nations around the globe. Gareth Stringer sat down with the current Swiss Air Force Display Pilot, Captain Ralph ‘Deasy’ Knittel, to get the low-down on displaying the aircraft.

10: GAM Previews: AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin at 25
Gareth Stringer looks back at the history, development and operational usage of the AgustaWestland AW101, with help from Richard Luck, retired Royal Air Force Wing Commander and a hugely experienced rotary wing pilot.

11: Airshows >> Exclusive - Squadron Leader Ben Murphy on Miss Demeanour
The last few weeks have seen former-Red Arrow Squadron Leader Ben Murphy converting on to Jonathon Whaley's unique Hawker Hunter, Miss Demeanour, and preparing for his first public displays, at Bournemouth Air Festival this weekend. Gareth Stringer sat down with him to hear all about it. Images as credited.

12: GAM Previews: Army Air Corps on Display in 2012
This year sees the Army Air Corps (AAC) sharing its public display duties between two teams – with both the Apache and Lynx appearing at events across the United Kingdom. Gareth Stringer met both teams and spoke to the man who pulls the whole thing together. Images as credited.

13: Airshows > UK >> Review - RNAS Yeovilton International Air Day 2012
Gareth Stringer reports from RNAS Yeovilton’s annual Air Day, a show which will be remembered as much for what might have been, as it will for some real highlights on the day. Images as credited.

14: Airshows >> UK:Preview - Wickenby's 70th Birthday Airshow 2012
Wickenby Aerodrome is hosting its annual airshow, open weekend and fly-in ‘Wickenby Wings and Wheels 2012’ which is taking place on Father’s Day weekend, 16-17th June. Gareth Stringer spoke to Gerald Cooper about an airshow which should provide the ideal day out for the whole family. Images as credited.

15: GAM Previews: Issue 8 - June 2012
Gareth Stringer tells us about Issue 8 of Global Aviation Magazine on the same day as we reach the grand old age of three!

16: Airshows >> Preview - Abingdon Air and Country Show 2012
At last - it’s just about here! The 2012 airshow season is almost upon us and Gareth Stringer takes a look at what’s planned for this coming weekend’s Abingdon Air and Country Show. Images as credited.

17: Hold on to your hats - it's The Turbulent Team
The Turbulent Team is one of the world’s oldest display teams and brings an energetic mix of classic barnstorming antics and formation flying to the airshow circuit – all of which is performed in a very distinctive, and rather small aircraft. Gareth Stringer met them to learn more. Images as credited.

18: Aviation News >> Neil McCarthy Flies Hunter T.7 WV318
On Sunday 25 March 2012, Neil McCarthy made his first flight in Hawker Hunter T.7 ‘WV318’ with a sortie from the aircraft’s current base at Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire to North Weald in Essex. Elliott Marsh was at North Weald to catch up with Neil and get a trainee Hunter pilot's perspective on flying this legendary aircraft. Additional photography by Gareth Stringer.

19: GAM Previews: WIWOL - When I Was On Lightnings Part 2
In this, the second part of his feature on the English Electric Lightning, Gareth Stringer asked Jon Fynes about squadron life and his season displaying the aircraft in 1987 as the last Royal Air Force pilot to do so.

20: Airshows >> UK: Exclusive - 2012 RAF Tucano Display Scheme Revealed
Global Aviation Resource is delighted to reveal the 2012 Royal Air Force Tucano Display scheme and was the first media outlet to speak with this year's display pilot, Flt Lt Jon Bond. Gareth Stringer reports with imagery courtesy of the Team itself.

21: Aviation News >> Neil McCarthy – UK Ambassador for the European Federation for Historic Aviation
Gareth Stringer caught up with Neil McCarthy to hear more about his appointment as UK Ambassador for the European Federation for Historic Aviation, the Federation’s overall aims and how he wants YOU to get involved.

22: Vulcan XH558 - Winter Maintenance and 2012 Update With Dr Robert Pleming
With the UK’s airshow season looming on a not-too-distant horizon, Gareth Stringer caught up with the the Vulcan to the Sky Trust’s Chief Executive, Dr Robert Pleming, to discuss the chances of XH558 playing her part in a unique year and whether it could be the last opportunity to see her.

23: GAM Previews: WIWOL - When I Was On Lightings
The English Electric Lightning. A true classic from the Cold War, a supersonic interceptor that remained in Royal Air Force service from 1959 until 1988 and is still remembered fondly by all those who saw it. But what was the aircraft like to fly? Gareth Stringer travelled to the RAF Museum at Cosford to meet someone who would be able to tell him exactly that.

24: Airshows >> UK: Jubilee Schemed Tucano Breaks Cover
As images of a Jubilee schemed Tucano from RAF Linton-on-Ouse emerged yesterday, GAR contacted the 2012 Tucano Display Team for an update on this year's plans for its own specially painted aircraft - Gareth Stringer reports.

25: blogGAR - How I Learned to Love the Space Race
Gareth Stringer takes a look at one of his true passions, the space race, and the strong connection between aviation and the project to put a man on the moon.

26: Airshows >> UK:Team Viper - Thank you and Farewell
Last night's breaking news that Team Viper and its Hawker Hunters will no longer be operating on the display circuit dismayed airshow goers, many of whom expressed their disappointment but also thanked the Team for what it had done over the past three years. This morning, Gareth Stringer caught up with Viper's Gerald Williams for an exclusive chat.

27: GAM Previews: Learning to Fly in the UK
Getting airborne and earning your own pilot's licence might not actually be as difficult as you think. Gareth Stringer visited his local flying club to talk to an instructor and find out more.

28: GAM Previews: Biofuels Examined
While aviation plays an indispensible part in facilitating global business and tourism, moving more than 2.4 billion passengers annually and generating 33 million jobs, the industry is now well-aware of its impact on climate change. Gareth Stringer takes a look at the use of biofuels in reducing this impact and moving aviation of all kinds towards a position of carbon-neutral growth.

29: Air Museums: Wellington Restoration at RAF Museum Cosford
With the RAF Museum Cosford’s Michael Beetham Conservation Centre open all this week, giving visitors the opportunity to view the ongoing restoration of the Vickers Wellington, Gareth Stringer took a trip down the M54 to meet Ronald Cooper, a former Bomber Command Wellington pilot, and check it out for himself. Images - Gareth Stringer.

30: Aviation News: Deputy Prime Minister Visits RAF Waddington to Pay Tribute to UK Armed Forces’ Role in NATO’s Campaign Over Libya
With NATO declaring the end of sanctioned military operations over Libya, the Royal Air Force, Army Air Corps and Royal Navy air assets are now home from what the UK titled Operation ELLAMY. Gareth Stringer was at RAF Waddington as Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg dropped by to welcome some of them home. Images – Karl Drage.

31: Airshows >> UK: A Musical Salute to the Royal Air Force - Chartwell House Concert: Preview
When a small group of the UK airshow scene’s most innovative characters join forces to stage an event that brings together various creative elements to create a true piece of aerial theatre (including Stacey Solomon no less!), you’d better stand up and take notice. Gareth Stringer sat down with Andy Pawsey to find out more.

32: Airshows >> UK: Dawlish Air Show 2011 Preview
With just over a week to go until the Devon coastal town of Dawlish hosts its annual airshow, Gareth Stringer previews the event and announces the addition of one major performer. All images - Karl Drage.

33: Airshows >> UK: Tim Prince RIAT 2011 Interview - Chief Executive and a founder member of the International Air Tattoo
With the dust beginning to settle after the 2011 Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), and some people already looking ahead to 2012, Gareth Stringer travelled to RAF Fairford in search of post-show analysis with the man best placed to offer it - Chief Executive and a founder member of the Tattoo itself, Tim Prince. Images as credited.

34: Military Aviation >> Westland Lynx 40th Anniversary
This year sees the Westland Lynx's 40th birthday and Gareth Stringer takes a look at the history of this most versatile of designs, with the additional help of two men who fly it. Images as credited.

35: Airshows >> UK: Brendan O'Brien and his Flying Circus - One on One
Brendan O'Brien is one of the UK's most experienced and charismatic airshow personalities, with O'Brien's Flying Circus being the most instantly recognisable element of his current repertoire. Gareth Stringer caught up with him recently for an interview that covered a multitude of airshow and flying related topics. Images as credited.

36: Airshows >> UK: RNAS Yeovilton Air Day 2011 - Review
Gareth Stringer reviews a stunning Yeovilton Air Day 2011 - a possible contender for airshow of the year with highlight following highlight in the flying programme. Images as credited.

37: Airshows >> UK: Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2011 - Preview
It's been the biggest military airshow for a long time now and 2011 sees the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) celebrate its 40th anniversary at RAF Fairford. Gareth Stringer caught up with Rob Windsor, Deputy Director Aircraft Operations, ahead of this weekend's event. Images as credited.

38: Military Aviation >> Royal Air Force: Hawk T.2 Gathers Pace at RAF Valley
After more than three decades as the RAF's sole advanced jet trainer, the Hawk T.1 has now been joined on the flightline at RAF Valley by its younger and much more modern incarnation, the Hawk T.2. Gareth Stringer reports with images as credited.

39: Airshows >> UK > Waddington International Airshow 2011 - Review
Gareth Stringer reports from three sizzling days at Waddington International Airshow, an event which once again managed to achieve all it set out to. Images as credited.

40: Military Aviation >> Royal Air Force: Flying The Sepecat Jaguar - 'In Memory of a Jag Mate'
It's nearly four years since the Royal Air Force retired the Sepecat Jaguar and with it one of our most capable and deployable ground attack and reconnaissance platforms. Gareth Stringer speaks to two of the men who flew it while Wing Commander John Sullivan pays tribute to the late Group Captain Tom Barrett. Images as credited.

41: Airshows UK: Cotswold Airshow 2011 Preview
This year’s Cotswold Airshow will celebrate the 60th anniversary of one of the world’s best loved aircraft, the Hawker Hunter. Gareth Stringer previews the event with the help of organiser Glen Moreman. Images as credited.

42: Airshows >> UK: Vulcan XH558 - Bruntingthorpe Photocall
When Vulcan XH558 landed at Bruntingthorpe on Saturday 28th May to take her place as the star of the following day’s Cold War Jets Open Day, her arrival also signalled the start of an ambitious plan to create a unique photographic opportunity. Gareth Stringer reports with images as credited.

43: Airshows >> UK: Army Air Corps Apache Display 2011
This year sees the Army Air Corps AH.1 Apache Longbow's return to the airshow circuit, albeit for, at the time of writing, just four events. Gareth Stringer reports from Wattisham where GAR was given a chance to meet the display team and see the routine - at very close quarters. Images as credited.

44: Airshows >> UK: Flt Lt Jules Fleming - 2011 Royal Air Force Hawk Display
With another airshow season finally underway, GAR travelled to RAF Valley to meet Flt Lt Jules Fleming, a QFI with 208(R) Squadron and the 2011 Royal Air Force Hawk Display Pilot. Gareth Stringer reports with images as credited.

45: Airshows >> UK: Abingdon Air & Country Show 2011 - Review
Still flushed from a day in the sunshine, Gareth Stringer reports from Abingdon Air & Country Show 2011 – a day dominated by a number of debut appearances as well as some old favourites. Images as credited.

46: Airshows >> UK: Royal Air Force's 22 Gp Pilots Get the Green Light to Display
Yesterday was a successful one all round for the Royal Air Force's 22 Gp airshow pilots as the Tutor, Hawk and Tucano display pilots received their clearance to display in public. Joining them was the King Air solo display which returns for a fourth year on the circuit as Gareth Stringer reports. Images as credited.

47: Airshows >> UK: Abingdon Air and Country Show 2011 - Preview
The Abingdon Air and Country Show is for many of the UK's airshow fans a traditional season curtain raiser. This year's event takes place on Sunday 8th May, despite the difficulties it faced last year, and looks set to provide a solid flying display with much to see on the ground. Organiser Neil Porter helps Gareth Stringer assess last year's issues and explains why the show must go on. Images as credited.

48: Global Aviation Resource News: GAR – 100 not out
Today we celebrate what is, for us, a very special landmark as Gareth Stringer explains.

49: Airshows >> UK: Vulcan training day at Wellesbourne - XM655 Helps XH558
With the airshow season rapidly approaching, the aircrew who will display the world’s only flying example of the Vulcan recently completed a vital day of training using another airframe for the job. Gareth Stringer was there for GAR.

50: Military Aviation >> Royal Air Force > Tornado F.3: Airshow Performer
The Tornado ADV thrilled airshow audiences for precisely thirty years and no retirement series would have been complete without a look at this secondary, but high profile, role for the jet. Gareth Stringer takes a look back at the aircraft's air display history and talks to one man lucky enough to have been part of it. Images as credited.

51: Airshows >> UK: 2011 Royal Air Force Hawk Display Scheme Revealed
Continuing our series of Royal Air Force airshow exclusives, Global Aviation Resource reveals the scheme to be worn by display pilot Flt Lt Jules Fleming’s Hawk T.1 aircraft. Gareth Stringer reports.

52: Military Aviation >> Royal Air Force > Tornado F.3: A Navigator's Perspective
Twenty years ago David Chadderton was fresh from Navigator training in the Royal Air Force and found himself posted to fly the Tornado F.3. It was the start of a long relationship with the jet and as part of GAR's series to commemorate the aircraft's retirement David sat down with Gareth Stringer to talk through his time on the type. Images as credited.

53: Airshows >> UK: 2011 Royal Air Force Tucano Display Scheme Revealed
Global Aviation Resource is delighted to exclusively reveal the scheme that this year’s Royal Air Force Tucano Display aircraft will be wearing at airshows across the UK and beyond. Gareth Stringer reports with images as credited.

54: Military Aviation >> Royal Air Force > Tornado F.3: Tremblers' Farewell - the end of the Tornado F.3
The Tornado F.3 defended the skies of the UK for some 25 years. 111(F) Squadron, the last remaining operator of the type, disbanded on the 22nd March, signalling the end of the Tornado F.3's service with the Royal Air Force. Gareth Stringer looks back at the history while Glenn Beasley reports from RAF Leuchars on the end of an era.

55: Airshows >> UK: Flt Lt Shaun Kimberley - 2011 Royal Air Force Tutor Display Pilot
Despite recent cuts to the Royal Air Force training pipeline, public displays by 22 Group aircraft remain a crucial element of the engagement strategy. Gareth Stringer travelled to RAF Cranwell to meet the man taking over Tutor display duties for 2011.

56: Military Aviation >> Royal Air Force: RAF Coningsby Celebrates 70 years of Operational Flying
Last Tuesday, 1st March, RAF Coningsby celebrated 70 years of operational flying. It's a regular haunt for GAR as Gareth Stringer explains, with additional information courtesy of the Station itself. Images as credited.

57: Military Aviation >> History > Gulf War 20th: Buccaneer, a pilot’s eye view.
Investigating the role of the Buccaneer in Gulf War 1, Gareth Stringer talks to Wg Cdr John Sullivan who, on his first front line tour as a Royal Air Force pilot, flew combat sorties from Muharraq Air Base in Bahrain. Images as credited.

58: Air Museums >> UK: Dominie Delivered to RAF Museum Cosford
Following hot on the heels of GAR’s coverage of the Dominie’s retirement from service, last Friday an example of the aircraft was delivered to the RAF Museum at Cosford. Gareth Stringer was there to see it. Images as credited.

59: Gulf War 20th - Tornado GR.1 Part 2
Last week we looked at the deployment and operation of the Tornado GR.1 to the Gulf War from the perspective of the man who commanded that detachment and its Senior Engineering Officer. This week’s 20th anniversary feature takes a look at the same aircraft but from two very different angles – that of GR.1 navigator and GR.1A recce pilot. Gareth Stringer reports with images as credited.

60: Gulf War 20th - Tornado GR.1 Part 1
A little over 20 years ago, on the 17th January 1991, coalition forces commenced the air war which marked the start of the campaign to wrestle Kuwait from Iraq’s hands following the invasion of August 1990. In the first of a series of features marking the anniversary, Gareth Stringer talks to some of those involved with the Royal Air Force’s deployment of Tornado GR.1s to look back at its operations during Desert Storm. Images as credited.

61: Royal Air Force Presentation Team
The Royal Air Force Presentation Team travels the length and breadth of the UK giving people from all walks of life an insight in to the RAF’s capabilities, responsibilities and operations. Gareth Stringer joined them at an event to find out more. Images as credited.

62: Airshow Archive Part 2: Air Fete 87
Gareth Stringer takes us back to Mildenhall and its famous Air Fete, with this feature taking a look at the 1987 event. Additional imagery courtesy of Nigel Watson.

63: Competition winners drawn at the Cotswold Airport.
Yesterday GAR was at the Cotswold Airport for a meeting with Operations Manager and airshow organiser Glen Moreman. As well as drawing out our ten competition winners Glen provided a brief update on this year’s airshow as Gareth Stringer reports.

64: Legendary Lancaster Celebrates 70th
The 9th January 1941 saw the Avro Lancaster take to the air for the first time and, to mark this significant 70th anniversary, Gareth Stringer takes a look at the history of the aircraft and speaks to someone who has flown it. Images as credited.

65: GAR's Christmas Competition
As 2010 draws to a close we're offering you the chance to win prizes and Gareth Stringer explains how.

66: The Harrier: Memories
With the UK's Joint Force Harrier commemorated with its retirement last week, GAR decided to gather together a number of memories from those who know the aircraft best and have experienced, or in one case still experience, the legendary Harrier from the cockpit. Compiled by Gareth Stringer with images as credited.

67: The Harrier: The Final Weeks Of An Icon With Joint Force Harrier
It's over - the Harrier has been retired from RAF / RN service. After a hectic, emotional and rumour strewn drawdown, Gareth Stringer talks us through Joint Force Harrier's final weeks from GAR's perspective and both inside and out. Images as credited.

68: The Harrier: Joint Force Harrier's Final Chapter
Wednesday 15th December 2010 saw the legendary Harrier complete its final flights as part of the UK's armed forces. GAR was there to report on a sad and emotional day at RAF Cottesmore. Words - Gareth Stringer. Images - Karl Drage unless otherwise stated.

69: The Harrier: Dunsfold Celebrates The Aircraft
With the retirement of the Harrier from UK service just a matter of weeks away, the aircraft’s spiritual home found time to commemorate the part it played in making V/STOL history some 50 years ago. Gareth Stringer reports from a foggy Dunsfold with images as credited and an exclusive film from PlanesTV.

70: The Harrier: The History of an Icon
It's a name instantly recognisable to many, regardless of their interest in aviation, but one that will soon be consigned to the history books in this country when, after more than forty years service, the aircraft is cut from the UK military as a result of the Strategic Defence and Security Review. Gareth Stringer looks back at the Harrier's development and distinguished career with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Images as credited.

71: Vulcan XH558 - An Interview with Dr Robert Pleming
The plight of Avro Vulcan XH558 has remained at the forefront of many minds since the aircraft's incredible return to flight in 2007. With yet another last minute funding drive recently completed, GAR approached THE VULCAN TO THE SKY TRUST (VTTST) to talk through the project's past, present and future. Gareth Stringer sat down with Chief Executive Dr Robert Pleming. Images as credited.

72: Team Merlin Reflects on the End of an Era
With Team Merlin’s Manager MACr Gareth Attridge moving on to pastures new a fresh face will be taking over at the helm of one the most popular RAF airshow attendees. MACr Attridge sat down with GAR's own Gareth to take a look back at the past five years and they were joined by the former’s replacement to see what the future might hold in this exclusive report for GAR. Words by Gareth Stringer, images as credited.

73: The Harrier: 41(R) Squadron’s Harrier Flight Disbands
With the early disbandment of Joint Force Harrier announced in October’s Strategic Defence and Security Review it became only a matter of time before GAR started covering the sad demise of this legendary aircraft’s career in the British armed forces. 41(R) Squadron was the first to give up its jets and Gareth Stringer reports on a sad day for this proud unit. Images as credited.

74: Strategic Defence and Security Review
Today finally saw the Prime Minister David Cameron announce the result of the government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR). Gareth Stringer reports for GAR with independent analysis from Dr Peter Gray, Senior Research Fellow in Air Power Studies at the University of Birmingham.

75: Battle of Britain 70th: Seek and Destroy - 41(R) Sqn marks the Battle of Britain's 70th
Many events, displays and commemorations have taken place to mark the Battle of Britain's 70th anniversary this year, but one squadron in particular has done more than most to remember its heritage as a participant in those momentous days of 1940. Gareth Stringer reports.

76: Battle of Britain 70th: Lest we Forget - Impressions of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
There are few stronger symbols of the gratitude we owe those who fought for the Royal Air Force 70 years ago than our own Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and this year GAR has been granted special access to see the team preparing for, and playing its central part in, the UK airshow season. Gareth Stringer reports.

77: Dunsfold Wings and Wheels 2010
Gareth Stringer reports from Dunsfold’s Wings and Wheels air and motor show – his first visit to the event and one that would prove to be a highlight of the 2010 airshow season.

78: Airshows >> UK: TSA Consulting - Quantity and Quality
Gareth Stringer talks to the three men behind the UK’s most prolific airshow organisation team and some of our most popular events.

79: Royal Navy Black Cats 2010
The Black Cats is the Royal Navy’s official display team and this year set out to impress airshow spectators with a brand new line up and a brand new routine. Gareth Stringer caught up with them to see how it’s going. Images as credited.

80: London-Stansted Airport air traffic - from the top of the tower
Gareth Stringer spent an afternoon at London-Stansted Airport for a close look at their air traffic operation - from the top of the impressive tower itself. Images as credited.

81: Down To Business - FIA 2010
Gareth Stringer reports from the biennial Farnborough International Airshow - one of the world's most famous aerospace events. Images as credited.

82: Shock as Yeovilton celebrates it's 70th birthday with a sunny Air Day!
Gareth Stringer reports from the RNAS Yeovilton Air Day, where the rare appearance of dry and sunny weather helped everyone connected with this important base celebrate its 70th birthday with a fine display. Images as credited.

83: Day and night at AAC Middle Wallop - Hampshire's Fort Apache
Global Aviation Resource travelled to 673 Squadron at Middle Wallop to take a closer look at the mighty WAH-64D Apache and how its pilots are trained - a visit which would allow us to see the Apache in action by both day and night. Words Gareth Stringer / Images as credited.

84: Waddington International Airshow 2010 - review
Gareth Stringer reports from the Waddington International Airshow 2010, the second Royal Air Force show of the season and one which more than lived up to its name.

85: GAR's French Adventure Part 3 - La Ferté-Alais review
Gareth Stringer reports from show day at La Ferté-Alais and it had much to live up to following a superb press event as previously reported here on GAR. As Gareth and Karl would discover, they wouldn’t find themselves disappointed. Images as credited.

86: GAR's French Adventure Part 2 - La Ferté-Alais Press Day 2010
La Ferté-Alais, a French display with a well-earned reputation as one of the European season highlights, has become something of a mecca for UK airshow fans. This year GAR made the journey and Gareth Stringer reports on their first day at this iconic airfield.

87: It's a Happy Birthday for GAR!
Gareth Stringer writes on behalf of the whole Global Aviation Resource team as we celebrate our first birthday with each of our favourite images from the past twelve months and a number of birthday messages.

88: Nimrod arrival at Coventry Airport signals AIRBASE opening for Classic Flight
Gareth Stringer reports from Coventry Airport where the delivery of a newly retired RAF Nimrod coincided with the launch of the Air Atlantique Classic Flight’s new aviation attraction – AIRBASE. Images as credited.

89: Abingdon Air & Country Show 2010 - against all odds
Gareth Stringer reports from the 2010 Abingdon Air and Country Show - an event which heralded the first weekend of the UK airshow season and one that will somehow be hailed as a success, defying everything thrown its way.

90: The name says it all - Ultimate High
Formed almost ten years ago, Ultimate High gives its customers the chance to experience the adrenalin buzz of simulated air combat and high performance aerobatics. Gareth Stringer went to visit them at their Cotswold base.

91: Airshows >> UK: The Breitling Wingwalkers Reveal All
Having exclusively revealed the team's new scheme for 2010 at the back end of last year, Global Aviation Resource was delighted to receive an invite to The Breitling Wingwalkers press launch ahead of the new airshow season. Gareth Stringer reports from RFC Rendcomb. Images as credited.

92: The Cotswold Airport Gears up for 2010 Events
Airshows at the Cotswold Airport (Kemble) now find themselves among the most eagerly anticipated on the UK calendar with excellent participation combined with a superb location and friendly atmosphere. Gareth Stringer sat down with organiser Glen Moreman for a chat about this year's events.

93: Abingdon Air and Country Show - the season opener that always delivers
As the UK's annual season opener, the Abingdon Air and Country Show has become a favourite for many with a large crowd delighted to blow away the cobwebs and welcome the airshow year in with style. Gareth Stringer asked organiser Neil Porter to tell him more about how the show has evolved and is put together. Images as credited.

94: 1 EFTS at RAF Cranwell - the home of the Royal Air Force
Gareth Stringer travelled to RAF Cranwell and spent a fascinating and informative day with 1 EFTS in whose Grob Tutors all RAF, Royal Navy and Army Air Corps pilots will start their flying careers.

95: RAF Northolt's Night Shoot VI
When Phil Dawe announced that RAF Northolt would be hosting its sixth enthusiasts' night shoot Gareth Stringer decided he should make his first trip to one of these popular events; and it was a visit which enabled GAR to gather some extra content ahead of the Battle of Britain's 70th anniversary.

96: The Sri Lanka Air Force is coming - RIAT 2010 preview
With the Royal International Air Tattoo just a few short months away, Gareth Stringer dropped in to RIAT HQ at RAF Fairford for a preview courtesy of Rob Windsor, Deputy Director Aircraft Operations. Images as credited.

97: RAF Linton-on-Ouse - Where aircrew earn their wings
Global Aviation Resource travelled to 1 FTS's home base of RAF Linton-on-Ouse to spend a day with the students and instructors of 72(R), 207(R) and 76(R) Squadrons. Responsible for taking future fast jet pilots and Weapons Systems Operators (WSOs) through the next stage of their training, Linton provides an invaluable service for both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. Words - Gareth Stringer / Images - as credited.

98: Dawlish Carnival Air Show - new website but uncertain future
Global Aviation Resource and the Dawlish Carnival Air Show are today delighted to announce the launch of an all new website in support of the event. But, despite the air show’s huge popularity and near cult-status, the future looks uncertain. Gareth Stringer spoke to organiser Kevin Wills. Images as credited.

99: Newark Air Museum
Newark Air Museum is home to a number of significant aircraft and housed on what remains of the former WWII airfield of Winthorpe in eastern Nottinghamshire. Gareth Stringer made a maiden visit to the museum to report for GAR. Images as credited.

100: At the Cutting Edge - 29(R) Sqn, Typhoon OCU
Global Aviation Resource travelled to RAF Coningsby for an inside look at the work of 29(R) Squadron, the unit tasked with training pilots to fly the RAF's most potent aircraft ever - the Eurofighter Typhoon. Words - Gareth Stringer / Images - as credited.

101: Waddington Airshow 2010 - Exclusive
Last year's Waddington International Airshow was one of the best attended events of its kind in the UK. Two days of solid flying and sunshine tempted 170,000 people through the gates of the RAF station, despite the huge disappointment that saw Vulcan XH558 remain firmly grounded for the entire weekend. Gareth Stringer travelled to Waddington to find out how things are progressing ahead of the 2010 event. Images as credited.

102: Classic Flight at Coventry Airport
Air Atlantique's Classic Flight owns one of the most impressive collections of airworthy and potentially airworthy aircraft in the UK and, for many years, has dedicated itself to displaying these aircraft at airshows and giving people the opportunity to fly in them. Global Aviation Resource travelled to Coventry Airport to learn more. Words - Gareth Stringer. Images - as credited.

103: Views from the Viper's Cockpit
“Vipers in the Storm”, Keith Rosenkranz’s personal account of flying the F-16 in the first Gulf War, is one of the most fascinating titles on the subject of modern air warfare. Gareth Stringer made contact with ‘Rosey’ and took the opportunity to ask him for some thoughts on flying the legendary Fighting Falcon. Images – as credited.

104: Chinook Mk.3 Unveiled at RAF Odiham
Global Aviation Resource travelled to RAF Odiham, home of the Chinook Force, to attend a press event for the long awaited entry in to service of the eight ‘new’ Mk.3 airframes. It was a day that allowed GAR to learn about more than just these new additions to the RAF fleet. Words - Gareth Stringer, Images – Karl Drage.

105: 208 Sqn at RAF Valley - A Day in the Life.
Global Aviation Resource travelled to RAF Valley on Anglesey to visit 208 Squadron and take a close look at how the combat pilots of the future are trained. Words Gareth Stringer / Images as credited.

106: South Atlantic - The Early Years
Shortly after GAR published Gareth Stringer's feature on Typhoon's arrival in the Falklands we received an email from one Andy Matheson who, it turned out, had worked on the construction of Mount Pleasant Airfield. Andy subsequently sent GAR some images of his time in the South Atlantic and we quickly realised that they were more than worthy of a wider-audience, asking Andy if he would like to contribute some words to go with them. This feature is the result. Words and images courtesy of Andy Matheson.

107: From the Heart of the Hub - DHL Express at East Midlands Airport
When Global Aviation Resource travelled to East Midlands Airport for a guided tour of DHL's UK international hub it proved to be an impressive and fascinating experience. Words - Gareth Stringer. Images - Karl Drage and Geoff Hibbert.

108: Military Aviation >> Royal Navy: Maintaining High Standards – Lt Cdr Matt Whitfield and NFSF(FW)
Global Aviation Resource was privileged to visit the Naval Flying Standards Flight (Fixed Wing) at RNAS Yeovilton; a visit which allowed us to look closely at the unit’s work and get a progress update from the boss – Lt Cdr Matt Whitfield. Words – Gareth Stringer / Pictures – as credited.

109: RAF Museum Hosts MH-53 Ceremony with Chief of the Air Staff
Global Aviation Resource travelled to Cosford to attend a ceremony marking the dedication of the RAF Museum’s newest exhibit and took the opportunity to talk the Chief of the Air Staff, Sir Stephen Dalton. Words – Gareth Stringer / Pictures – Karl Drage

110: From Black Cat to Wildcat - Lt Dave Lilly RN
Having just completed two seasons on the airshow circuit with the Royal Navy Black Cats, Lt Dave Lilly is now looking forward to playing a central role in the development of the new AgustaWestland Wildcat. Gareth Stringer and Karl Drage sat down with Dave to have a look at the recent past and take a glimpse into the future. Words – Gareth Stringer, images as credited.

111: Royal Navy Historic Flight - Hangar Tour
As part of a recent visit to RNAS Yeovilton, GAR was given a closer look at the aircraft of the Royal Navy Historic Flight (RNHF), with Sea Hawk pilot Lt Ian Sloan as our guide. Gareth Stringer reports.

112: Airshow Season 2009 - Review
Gareth Stringer takes a look at some of the highs and lows of the 2009 UK airshow season – not a vintage year by any means but also one not devoid of highlights. It has also been one that, as always, gives us much food for thought as we look ahead to 2010.

113: RAF Shawbury - Fly Navy 100 Photocall
The concluding event of this year’s Fly Navy 100 commemorations saw HMS Illustrious dock in Liverpool for five days, the highlight of which was the massed flypast on Friday 23rd October. Gareth Stringer and Karl Drage travelled to RAF Shawbury to see some of the participants.

114: 1435 Flt Says Goodbye Tornado, Hello Typhoon
With the Eurofighter Typhoon replacing the venerable Tornado F.3s of 1435 Flt to police the Falkland Islands, Gareth Stringer takes a closer look at the history of this long-standing RAF commitment.

115: Up and Running - Lt Ian Sloan and the RNHF Sea Hawk
After a frustrating season, blighted by serviceability issues, the Sea Hawk made a late, but extremely welcome, return to the airshow circuit in this Fly Navy 100 commemorative year. Gareth Stringer sat down with the aircraft's new display pilot, Lt Ian Sloan.

116: RAF on Display 2009 - Season Wrap Up Part 1
Having interviewed eighty percent of the RAF's solo display assets in 2009, Gareth Stringer headed for the Southport Airshow to revisit the aircrews and ask - how was it for you? This is part 1 of 2.

117: RAF on Display 2009 - Season Wrap Up Part 2
Having interviewed eighty percent of the RAF's solo display assets in 2009, Gareth Stringer headed for the Southport Airshow to revisit the aircrews and ask - how was it for you? This is part 2 of 2.

118: Southport Airshow 2009
The Southport Airshow saw the UK display season drawing to a close and was an event which many will remember as that which marked some fond farewells. Gareth Stringer took a trip to the seaside for Global Aviation Resource...

119: Southport Airshow 2009 Preview
With the 2009 airshow season drawing to a close Gareth Stringer previews the North West's biggest event and the final seaside show of the year - The Southport Airshow.

120: Kemble Battle of Britain Airshow 2009
The final event of the airshow season for the Cotswold Airport was a relaxed affair which commemorated the Battle of Britain and benefited from some fine late summer weather. Gareth Stringer was there for Global Aviation Resource.

121: "We are Family!" - The RAF Families Day
Families Days are a significant date in the diary for RAF stations across the country, playing an important role in maintaining morale in these busy times for our armed forces. In the face of recent tabloid criticism surrounding the events, Gareth Stringer decided to investigate further.

122: Panavia at 40
With two RAF aircraft specially marked to commemorate the 40th birthday of the consortium from which they came, Gareth Stringer takes a look at Panavia, the tri-national group that gave us the Tornado.

123: Cotswold Airport Battle of Britain Weekend Preview
The third of the three main airshows at the Cotswold Airport (Kemble), the Battle of Britain Weekend is sure to be a popular final event for this most atmospheric of venues. Gareth Stringer looks ahead.

124: Merlin Force Exclusive - From TELIC to HERRICK Part 2
In this second feature on the Merlin Force at RAF Benson Gareth Stringer looks at the challenges of maintaining the Merlin with MFES SEngO (Merlin Force Engineering Squadron, Senior Engineering Officer) Squadron Leader Paul Rose and also hears from 28(AC) Squadron 2nd In-command, Squadron Leader Simon Reade.

125: Merlin Force Exclusive - From TELIC to HERRICK Part 1
They've been in the spotlight of late with their forthcoming deployment to Afghanistan hitting the headlines, as the UK's helicopter force comes under the media microscope. Gareth Stringer and Karl Drage travelled to RAF Benson for GAR to take a close look at the Merlin Force.

126: 2009 Royal Air Force Hawk Display Pilot - Flt Lt Matt Barker
The Hawk has been one of the Royal Air Force's most consistent performers on the airshow circuit for more than two decades, both with the Red Arrows and as a solo display aircraft. Gareth Stringer caught up with this season's solo display pilot Flt Lt Matt Barker...

127: Royal International Air Tattoo 2009
Two weeks have passed since RIAT '09 and with the dust just about beginning to settle on this year's show Gareth Stringer travelled to Fairford to sit down with Rob Windsor, Deputy Director Aircraft Operations. The purpose; an open and honest chat about this year's Air Tattoo and some of the discussion points it raised. Here's what happened...

128: Airshows >> UK: The 2009 Royal Jordanian Falcons
Regular visitors to the UK since their formation in 1976, the Royal Jordanian Falcons first visit this season was the Yeovilton Air Day on 11th July. Gareth Stringer grabbed an opportunity to chat with Team Leader, Major Mohammed Qoul.

129: Yeovilton Air Day 2009
With a host of attractions to showcase the Fly Navy 100 celebration and one of the UK's most eyecatching line-ups, the Yeovilton Air Day 2009 was one of the most eagerly anticapted shows of the season. Gareth Stringer braved the weather the file this report for GAR...

130: Airshows >> UK: 2009 RAF King Air Display Pilot - Flt Lt Leon Creese
Flt Lt Leon Creese is in his second season of displaying the Beechcraft King Air B200 for the RAF and his stunning demonstration has caught the eye of airshow goers and experts alike. Gareth Stringer caught up with him at RAF Waddington for GAR.

131: Waddington International Airshow 2009
After receiving months of harsh criticism from certain quarters, we asked Waddington's organisers for the inside story and gave them the chance to respond. Gareth Stringer reports for GAR...

132: Kemble Airshow 2009
This year's Kemble Airshow was run, for the first time, as a two day event. Gareth Stringer made his first visit to this historic airfield in the heart of the Cotswolds and here's his report on a weekend dominated for many by the letter V...

133: Airshow Commentary
Airshow commentary should be informative and knowledgeable while being un-intrusive and entertaining, but what does it take to achieve this? Many so-called experts are quick to criticise commentary and commentators but surely it takes a vast amount of preparation to make sure it all runs smoothly on the day and, on those occasions when it doesn't, what happens then? Gareth Stringer decided to find out...

134: Lucky Man - Lt Cdr Matt Whitfield on the Sea Vixen
One the most important post-war aircraft remaining in an airworthy condition, Gareth Stringer sat down (on the jet!) for a chat with the man lucky enough to display De Havilland Aviation’s mighty Sea Vixen ..........

135: RAF Cosford Airshow 2009
One of just three official RAF airshows, Cosford's 2009 event boasted a huge crowd tempted by six hours of flying including the likes of Red Arrows, Black Cats, Blue Eagles and, amazingly, even blue skies. Not to mention the small matter of an appearance by a certain V-bomber; Gareth Stringer was there for GAR.

136: Airshows >> UK: 2009 Royal Air Force Tutor Display Pilot - Flt Lt Bill Ramsey
Flt Lt Bill Ramsey is one the RAF's most experienced display pilots and this year he's displaying an aircraft that any student beginning basic training will encounter, the Grob Tutor. Gareth Stringer went to meet him.

137: Airshows >> UK: 2009 Royal Air Force Typhoon Display Pilot - Sqn Ldr Scott Loughran
The 2009 Royal Air Force Typhoon Display pilot is Sqn Ldr Scott Loughran, an instructor with 29(R) Squadron, the Typhoon Operational Conversion Unit, based at RAF Coningsby. Gareth Stringer went to meet him for GAR...

138: Airshows >> UK: Neil McCarthy - New Kid on the Block
Neil McCarthy and Jet Provost T.3A XM479 (G-BVEZ) have been airshow regulars for some time now but this year he decided to take the leap from static display to airshow flying programme. Gareth Stringer went to find out what it’s like being the new kid on the block..........

139: XV Squadron – Interview with Wing Commander Mike Saunders
The largest and busiest squadron in the RAF, XV(R) Sqn has operated the Tornado for well over twenty years and is responsible for training all RAF GR.4 crews. Gareth Stringer sat down with the Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Wing Commander Mike Saunders, to talk Tornado, training and tactics..............

140: XV Squadron Association
Gareth Stringer attended this year’s ‘XV Squadron Association’ annual dinner, here’s his exclusive GAR report on this fascinating event.

141: Engaging Reverse?
With its display assets further reduced for the 2009 season, Gareth Stringer considers the impact that will have on the RAF's public engagement strategy.