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JUN 15 2012
GAM Previews: Issue 9 - July 2012

OV-10B Bronco Demo Team:

Elliott Marsh talks to to Tony de Bruyn about the OV-10B Bronco Demo Team.

NATO Tiger Meet 2012:

Kevin Jackson travels to Norway for the latest gathering of NATO Tiger Association squadrons.

Civil Aviation in North Korea:

Incredibly, Paul Filmer travels to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to learn about flag carrier 'Air Koryo'

Palmdale's Airparks:

Paul Dunn visits the outdoor museum collections 'Blackbird Airpark' and the 'Joe Davies Heritage Airpark' in Palmdale, California.

The Hungarian Air Force in 1991:

Lindsay Peacock recalls a visit to Hungary after the fall of the Berlin Wall - a trip that would provide his first encounter with a number of Soviet types.

EBACE 2012:

Paul Dopson heads to Switzerland to report on this year's European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition - EBACE 2012.

Axis Air Displays - Bücker Bestmann:

Huw Hopkins talks to Will Greenwood about his new pride and joy, and his first season displaying it.

If you want to check it out, go HERE, where GAM can be purchased directly for your PC / MAC from PocketMags or you’ll find links to the Apple and Android apps. It is, we think, staggeringly good value at just £2.49, with 100+ pages of content!

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