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MAY 18 2012
GAM Previews: Issue 8 - June 2012

Three years! It’s a cliché, I know, but where did that go?

Three years of airshows, interviews, base visits, museums, flying and photography. GAR set out to cover every aspect of aviation from day one, and I don’t think it sounds arrogant to suggest that we’ve done exactly that, with an unrivalled output in terms of free content, produced, we believe, to the highest possible standards.

The real judge of course is you! GAR is truly global and, thankfully, for the past 36 months the feedback we’ve received from our readers has been overwhelmingly positive. It seems that you like what we do, but equally, we’ve never been afraid of taking criticism on-board and acting upon it to improve the way we’ve presented our work – always happy to engage with our readership and keep things on a positive footing.

We are, after all, just one part of a huge community. The world of aviation is a staggeringly big one and, while GAR’s work extends far beyond the UK, our little ol’ island has always displayed a huge passion for flight, and still does to this day.

We’ve got bustling forums, such as Key, UKAR and Fighter Control, publishing behemoths like FlightGlobal, a fine selection of magazines, a host of excellent photographers and, if you want to watch the action, the likes of PlanesTV. Most have been around for far longer than us, which makes us even prouder of the impact we’ve had in our comparatively short lifespan.

The truth is that we are very lucky though. If aviation is your passion, then you are certainly well-catered for in the UK, regardless of your particular area of interest. It just so happens that we set about covering as many of them as possible, but I truly believe that there is room for everyone and that we should treasure the community we have and be thankful that we’ve got it.

We were of course recognised by FlightGlobal, during our first year, in their annual awards and, last year, collected the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators Award for Aviation Journalism. Those kinds of things are fantastic, but they are not a reason to sit back and rest on your laurels; so we haven’t!

We launched The Hangar last year, our aviation social network, which is now a community of its own, with 800 members. I’ll be honest with you, with GAR, and then GAM, taking up so much time; we’ve really been totally remiss in terms of nurturing this community and keeping The Hangar ticking over. To that end, we’re going to redesign it and re-launch it later this year, to give it the attention it obviously needs.

After podcasting with The Airplane Geeks for six months, we’ve also joined forces with XTP Media and The Royal Aeronautical Society (Established in 1866!) to create Xtended – a new aviation podcast. Xtended, like GAR, will cover all aspects of aviation, with guest interviews, news and comment. It’s all quite informal and good fun, and we’ve just recorded our first episode with Flt Lt Jon Bond, the 2012 Royal Air Force Tucano Display Pilot. It is, incidentally, pure coincidence that UKAR is also launching an airshow-focussed podcast, titled Display Frequency. That should be an interesting one and we look forward to listening in. As I said, we believe there’s room for everyone and no need for anyone to put themselves on a pedestal.

Perhaps the biggest project we’ve embarked on is Global Aviation Magazine, our monthly digital publication. GAM is totally feature-led, packed full of words and pictures - and with the odd video thrown in for good measure - from across the globe, and, as per our ethos, covering a broad-spectrum of aviation subjects. It is a hugely rewarding project to work on, but also hugely time consuming, one of the reasons why, after six free issues, we took the difficult decision to make the plunge in to commercial waters.

Distribution via PocketMags, Apple and Android puts GAM in front of the audience we believe it deserves, and we sincerely hope you continue to enjoy it. GAR of course will remain 100% free and, just in case you’re wondering, our current stats show that it already hosts 571 articles and 148 blogs – that’s pretty good going!

It is a further coincidence that the latest issue of GAM has gone live on our birthday and it is one we are very proud of. The images you see here are all taken from features in this month’s issue, with Paul Dunn flying with the 60th AMW from Travis AFB, Chris Wood in Israel, Shaun Schofield in Weston-Super-Mare (less exotic, perhaps!), Thomas Pitts looking at 60 years of commercial jet flying, Paul Dopson telling us about purchasing a brand new hot air balloon, Elliott Marsh profiling legendary airshow pilot Brian Smith and Lindsay Peacock raiding his incredible archive for Japanese F-86 Sabres.

If you want to check it out, go HERE, where GAM can be purchased directly for your PC / MAC from PocketMags or you’ll find links to the the Apple and Android apps. It is, we think, staggeringly good value at just £2.49 with 128 pages of content!

To mark our third birthday, we’ve decided to run a competition and are giving away three gratis copies of GAM for PC or MAC and three free Apple Apps (each with one free issue included). All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is answer the following question:

In June 2009 GAR published an interview with a Royal Air Force display pilot. That same pilot returns to the airshow circuit this year, displaying the same aircraft. Who is he and what does he fly?

Email your answer to editor@globalaviationresource.com by next Friday, 25th May, and we’ll pick six winners.

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