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OCT 18 2012
Aviation News >> Changes afoot at GAR as Global Aviation Magazine celebrates its first birthday.

We’re not sure where the last year has gone but, incredibly, Global Aviation Magazine is about to celebrate its 1st anniversary with the publication of Issue 13 tomorrow.

It really does seem like only yesterday that we decided to take the big step of producing the UK’s first bespoke digital magazine, available exclusively for PC, MAC and mobile devices, dedicated to the wonderful world of aviation in all its glory.

Six months later we took another big leap of faith and elected to enter in to a partnership with PocketMags, the digital newsstand where consumers can purchase single issues and subscriptions to a wide range of magazines from across the globe. This of course meant that GAM went from being free to being a paid-for, commercial product.

As we said at the time, we felt this was genuinely the only way forward. We didn’t launch the magazine with any express intention of making it available free of charge, only to then move onto a commercial model, but the time it takes to put each issue together meant that we simply couldn’t continue to produce the magazine with nothing to show in return; not when other members of the GAR group, such as the main GAR website (643 features and 157 blogs to date), The Hangar (800+ members), Get into Flying and our podcast, Xtended, are all free resources.

We are very proud of how GAM has progressed and our relationship with PocketMags means that the magazine is now available to a global audience on a ‘virtual shelf’ alongside much more well-known and well-established publications. Bearing in mind that GAM is designed specifically with digital viewing in mind, and therefore comes with none of the limitations that print publications naturally have to work with, it is also very competitively priced and provides amazing value for money.

Most importantly though, we believe the content stands up against anything else that might be available to buy, and we continue to cover all manner of aviation subjects with in-depth editorial copy and amazing imagery.

Issue 13 is an excellent example of that. It includes an exclusive feature on Avro Vulcan XH558, complete with stunning air to air imagery, and we take a ride in Blackburn Buccaneer XW544 at Bruntingthorpe - a feature which also comes with an exclusive video, courtesy of Jon Duke. We've got more from the Russian Air Force’s 100th anniversary celebrations, cover the air-racing from Reno, helicopter services in the Swiss Alps, capture air to airs with globe-trotting Staggerwing ‘Red Rockette’ and provide an in-depth examination of the Airbus A330 for its 20th anniversary! We think that’s unbeatable value for £2.49, or your currency equivalent.

What else is going on at the moment? Well, for airshow fans, and we know there are a lot of you out there, we’ll be announcing something a bit special in the next few weeks that we think you will all want to get hold of. This forthcoming product comes with major support from the airshow industry and is something we have wanted to do for some time.

However, it still takes a vast amount of work to put it all together, and that has resulted in us making some changes to the way our GAR team is structured.

Karl Drage, founder of GAR, is Editor of Global Aviation Magazine and the man who puts it all together, a task which almost amounts to being a full-time job in itself. Consequently, Karl has decided to relinquish the title of Editor for the Global Aviation Resource website, as he simply doesn’t have enough time to devote to the job of managing, planning and generating content for that, as well as working on the magazine.

That means that GAR now has a new Editor – and that man is Gareth Stringer. Gareth has been with us since day one and has been Deputy Editor of the site for some time. That part of our group will now become his responsibility and he will work with the team to ensure that GAR continues to produce regular content of the highest quality. Karl, meanwhile, will also be our new Executive Editor, with overall responsibility for the entire GAR group.

Taking on the role of GAR's Deputy Editor will be Elliott Marsh. A regular contributor since he joined us in 2010, Elliott is now an experienced team member and his great passion for aviation means that he is a perfect fit for this position. He will now work closely with Gareth on all aspects of the site.

In addition to that, and taking advantage of his global travels and aviation connections, Paul Dunn will now become Editor at Large. While not as involved with the day to day production of the site, Paul has generated a great deal of amazing content for GAR, ever since we launched in 2009. He will continue to do that, and, as you’ll see in due course, his next feature, from this month's airshow at MCAS Miramar, is not one to miss. The two images here give a flavour of why!

We have also added to the team and are delighted to welcome Greg Marsh on-board. Greg, brother of Elliott, is not new to GAR and has already contributed features for us in recent months. Naturally we are hoping that he will provide many more in the years to come, but his incredible breadth of aviation knowledge, coupled with a great eye for detail, mean that Greg will also play an important part in the publication of GAM each month.

Last, but by no means least, we are very pleased to welcome Frank Grealish to the team. Frank might be based in Ireland, but he travels extensively and concentrates largely on air to air photography, some brilliant examples of which have already appeared in GAM and on GAR.

The beautiful air to air images of Vulcan XH558 in Issue 13 are Frank’s doing and you can see one example at the top of this page, but wait until you see the rest of them!

Finally, to you, our readers, a huge thank you for all your continued support. We quite literally couldn’t do it without you, and hopefully we will continue to satisfy your thirst for aviation content, whatever your specific interest might be.

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2012-10-19 - Dunk
Congrats to all those 'promoted' and joining the GAR team, you have unleashed a monster of an aviation resource on us all. Long may it continue.

2012-10-18 - Neil McCarthy
congratulations to everyone! well deserved :-)

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