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MAY 02 2012
Airshows>> Exclusive - Squadron Leader Ben Murphy joins Heritage Aviation Developments Ltd to display Miss Demeanour

While Ben will be best-known to many as former leader of the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows, and before that, the team’s Synchro Lead, his RAF career began back in 1997, when he commenced flying training.

On completion of his training, Ben was selected to fly the Harrier GR.7 and then posted to 1(F) Squadron, going on to undertake operational missions over Iraq.

He later became a Qualified Weapons Instructor on the Harrier with IV(AC) Squadron and served operationally in Afghanistan, flying close air support missions for NATO ground forces.

In 2006, Ben joined 20(R) Squadron, then Harrier Operational Conversion Unit, at RAF Wittering, as an instructor. In total, Ben amassed more than 1000 hours on the Harrier, before being selected as a pilot for the Red Arrows, in 2007.

Ben flew as Synchro 2 in 2008, becoming Synchro Lead in 2009, and it was announced that he would move directly to the position of Team Leader, Red 1, for 2010. Ben left the Red Arrows at the end of the 2011 season, after five consecutive years with the team, and is now on a ground tour.

Recruiting Ben into the fold as a nominated display pilot is a first for Heritage Aviation Developments Ltd, the company under which Miss Demeanour operates.

Commenting on the appointment, Jonathon said:

“The demands on Miss Demeanour are increasing, with more and more airshows looking to book her, so it makes sense to bring in a second pilot. It means that we can split the workload but can still enjoy some semblance of spare time during the season. I wanted someone that the airshow organisers know, and can trust – and there is no doubt that Ben fits the bill, perhaps better than me! I am delighted to welcome him on-board and look forward to settling him in to the aircraft and perhaps learning something myself.”

Squadron Leader Ben Murphy said:

"I am honoured to have been asked by Jonathon to join him in displaying Miss Demeanour this season and I'm looking forward to getting to know this iconic aircraft. For me, the partnership fits the bill perfectly; we share the same passion for display flying, the same drive for excellence and the same desire to entertain the public. I am glad that after five years with the Red Arrows I still have the chance to remain involved in the display flying circuit and I look forward to an exciting summer."

Ben will shortly commence his conversion on to the Hawker Hunter and his first public displays in Miss Demeanour will be announced in due course.

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