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JUL 08 2011
Airshows >> UK: 20 Questions For....... Ed Shipley - The Horsemen

Ed is no stranger to the UK: he first brought the brand of close formation aerobatics that The Horsemen have gone on to epitomise in recent years to the UK in September 2000, when he teamed with Lee Proudfoot to stun the crowds at Duxford’s Battle of Britain 60th Anniversary Airshow. Ed has since been a regular visitor to the Flying Legends airshow; indeed, he ferried The Fighter Collection’s TF-51D Mustang ‘Miss Velma’ across the Atlantic in 2007 and the following year, he partook in The Horsemen’s well-received UK debut, flying three UK-based Mustangs alongside Jim Beasley and Dan Friedkin. The Horsemen are now returning to the UK, flying specially imported American Mustangs at Flying Legends 2011.

1/ Name? Ed Shipley

2/ Display mount / mounts? I will be flying a Mustang at Duxford that has been shipped over from the States, 'Fragile But Agile'.

3/ Day job? Airshowbuzz.com. Directing flying videos, member of the Horsemen Flight Team.

4/ How many hours in your log book? 7500 hours... Only the recent hours really matter.

5/ On what types? T-6, Spartan Executive, Mustang, Bearcat, Corsair, Spitfire, T-33, Sabre, T-28, Yak 11, 747.

6/ How many years have you been displaying? 20 plus

7/ What was your first public display? I believe when I was asked to leave a pub in Cambridge.

8/ All time favourite display venue? Duxford...what else is there?

9/ What's the best thing about being a display pilot? Breaking every rule in aviation.

10/ And the worst? Breaking every rule in aviation.

11/ Favourite part of your display? Staying alive.

12/ If you could improve one thing about the UK airshow circuit what would it be? No early morning airshow briefings.

13/ Other than yourself (obviously), who's your favourite current display pilot? John Mohr in his Stock Stearman.

14/ Which other act / team would you always stop and watch? USAF Heritage Flight

15/ Is there a team / aircraft you've never seen displaying which you always wished you had? I wish I could have seen the Brazilian Smoke Squadron when they were flying T-6s.

16/ If you could choose anything from any era, which aircraft would you most love to get your hands on? The ones I get to fly right now.

17/ Who inspired you to begin display flying? My dad. He made paper airplanes for me as a kid.

18/ Which airshow has the best grub? Salinas, California... it's off the hook.

19/ Where's the best after show party? There is no such place... Those magic moments happen at the strangest times and locations.

20/ What one piece advice would you give to anyone who wanted to get in to display flying? If I can do it, anyone can do it. Never give up. Surround yourself with good pilots and friends. Don't hit anything...

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