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MAY 10 2009
Exercise Wyvern Tor '09

Ten Tors came into being when three Army officers acknowledged the fact that Dartmoor would provide a significant challenge for civillians and soldiers alike. Today the event is open to teams of six (any mix of sexes) between the ages of 14 and 20, and sees partipants covering either 35, 45 or 55 miles depending upon their age.

A sister event known as the "Jubilee Challenge" provides an opportunity for less able-bodied youngsters to take part. Lasting just one day, competitors (individuals or teams) must take in one of four distances up to 15 miles either on foot or by wheelchair.

Both Ten Tors and the Jubilee Challenge start off on the Northern outskirts of Dartmoor, at the Okehampton Army Camp. Where they go from there will be determined by their allotted routes.

A requirement for all Ten Tors participants is that they must spend a night out on the Moor, and for those covering the 45 or 55 mile courses, they must do so at least 400 yards from a house or pub. Additionally they must carry everything they intend to use (save for water) with them for the whole duration, including tents, spare clothes, food, cooking utensils etc.

Exercise Wyvern Tor is the name given to the aerial operations associated with the event, and is designed to provide essential support and safety functions for the organisers and those taking part.

For the 2009 iteration just three helicopters were involved, two Sea King HC.4 "Junglies" belonging to 848 NAS and a Lynx HAS.3S of 702 NAS, both units resident at RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset.

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