Gulf War 20th Themed Articles

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GAM Previews: A Trip Down Memory Lane - Gulf War 1 - A Letter Home - Flt Lt Martin Wintermeyer In the first of what will become a regular column in Global Aviation Magazine with a different contributor sharing a favourite or memorable story each month, former Royal Air Force navigator Martin Wintermeyer shares a letter he sent home from Dhahran during Gulf War 1 where he was flying operationally with the Tornado GR1 force……
Military Aviation >> History > Gulf War 20th: Tornado F.3 Continuing our series to mark the 20th anniversary of the Gulf War, we are delighted to welcome former RAF fast jet pilot, author and photographer Ian Black. Ian was flying the Tornado F.3 when Iraq invaded Kuwait and here writes exclusively for GAR on what followed for him and his colleagues. Images as credited.
Military Aviation >> History > Gulf War 20th: Buccaneer, a pilot’s eye view. Investigating the role of the Buccaneer in Gulf War 1, Gareth Stringer talks to Wg Cdr John Sullivan who, on his first front line tour as a Royal Air Force pilot, flew combat sorties from Muharraq Air Base in Bahrain. Images as credited.
Gulf War 20th - Tornado GR.1 Part 2 Last week we looked at the deployment and operation of the Tornado GR.1 to the Gulf War from the perspective of the man who commanded that detachment and its Senior Engineering Officer. This week’s 20th anniversary feature takes a look at the same aircraft but from two very different angles – that of GR.1 navigator and GR.1A recce pilot. Gareth Stringer reports with images as credited.
Gulf War 20th - Tornado GR.1 Part 1 A little over 20 years ago, on the 17th January 1991, coalition forces commenced the air war which marked the start of the campaign to wrestle Kuwait from Iraq’s hands following the invasion of August 1990. In the first of a series of features marking the anniversary, Gareth Stringer talks to some of those involved with the Royal Air Force’s deployment of Tornado GR.1s to look back at its operations during Desert Storm. Images as credited.