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Aviation Events >> Pilots With Diabetes Set National Speed Record On Saturday 1st September 2012, six pioneering pilots set out in their aircraft in an attempt to set a national speed record between the cities of Derby & Southampton whilst flying in formation. GAR’s Thomas Pitts went flying with them as part of the support crew.
Aviation News >> Pilots With Diabetes To Set National Speed Record At 11 a.m. on Saturday 1 September 2012, six pilots with insulin treated diabetes will launch UK Diabetes Formation Flight from Nottingham Airport, aiming to set a new national formation speed record from Derby to Southampton and create history.
GAM Previews: Learning to Fly in the UK Getting airborne and earning your own pilot's licence might not actually be as difficult as you think. Gareth Stringer visited his local flying club to talk to an instructor and find out more.
Civil Aviation >> Mauna Loa Helicopters, Hawaii Mauna Loa Helicopters operates across the Hawaiian Islands providing flight training and pleasure flights. Rob Edgcumbe paid them a visit to find out more about the company's operations and to experience the island of Kauai from the air.
Skiing Without the Hills - The EAA Skiplane Fly-in If you find yourself living in a part of the world where the winter is long and cold and there is snow on the ground a lot of the time, does this mean your opportunities for flying are curtailed? Not at all, you just have to enter the world of flying on skis! Rob Edgcumbe visits Oshkosh for an unusual EAA event.
The name says it all - Ultimate High
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Formed almost ten years ago, Ultimate High gives its customers the chance to experience the adrenalin buzz of simulated air combat and high performance aerobatics. Gareth Stringer went to visit them at their Cotswold base.
Come Fly With Me? Geoff Goes Flying. After years of persuasion, Geoff Hibbert tells us how he finally overcame his fear of flying and took to the air in a light aircraft.
Richard "Smokey" G. Young - A Surprise Encounter While reporting for GAR at the World Aerobatic Championships an unexpected but most welcome opportunity arose. Karl Drage describes his aerial encounter with “Smokey” Young.
World Aerobatic Championships 2009 With the 2009 World Aerobatic Championships - the 25th FAI sponsored event - now complete, Karl Drage looks back at a competition that was marred by tragedy and the weather.
King's Cup Air Race 2009 When you immediately think of air racing, chances are the first notion that will pop into your head will be pylon style - the sort given exposure in recent years by Red Bull - but that's far removed from the handicapped air racing organised and run by the Royal Aero Club - Records, Racing and Rally Association (known as the 3Rs). Karl Drage visited Sywell to witness first hand the 2009 King's Cup Air Race.
The 2009 British Aerobatic Team Part 2 Karl Drage continues his look at the 2009 British Aerobatic Team as they advance towards the World Aerobatic Championships at Silverstone. This week he turns his attentions to the competition itself and the aircraft that Team GB's pilots have chosen to compete with.
The 2009 British Aerobatic Team Part 1 As the British Aerobatic Team prepare to embark on an assault on the 2009 World Aerobatic Championships at Silverstone, Karl Drage met up with them at their final training camp at Sywell to find out everything from the basics of competition aerobatic flying upwards.