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GAM Previews: Exercise Pitch Black 2012 Once every two years, the blue skies of Australia’s Northern Territory (NT) become a hive of military aviation activity as Exercise Pitch Black takes place. Named for the dark moonless nights in Australia’s sparsely populated north when pilots flew the first exercise missions before night vision equipment was available, the exercise brings together Australian, American and various air forces from neighbouring Asian nations in an intense series of realistic combat scenarios over a period of (usually) three weeks. Mike Yeo, Base Leg Aviation News and Photography, reports for GAM.
GAM Previews: Exercise Perspective 2012 Held between 17 and 29 September, Exercise Perspective 2012 brought together the Ukrainian military’s might in a series of scenarios designed to train, test and fulfil live firing currency requirements of both ground-based and airborne tactical platforms. Steve Comber reports from Belbek near Sevastapol, from where a number of MiG-29s and Su-27s operated.
blogGAR: 140th Fighter Wing Deployment It's early morning at Buckley AFB, Colorado and the 140th Fighter Wing is preparing to deploy to the Middle East again as part of the ongoing Overseas Contingency Operations. Paul Filmer reports.
Military Aviation >> USA: Red Flag 12-4 - The Colombian Connection The most recent exercise at Nellis AFB was Red Flag 12-4, which took place from 16-27th of July, in the intense heat of the Nevada desert. Paul Filmer reports from Nellis AFB on the first visit from the Colombian Air Force.
GAM Previews: Exercise Anatolian Eagle 12/2 With some of the most sophisticated facilities in the world, the beautiful Konya Air Base in Turkey is home to the Anatolian Eagle Training Center, from where a series of exercises is flown each year with the specific aim of providing realistic training for Turkey’s armed forces. The second of such exercises in 2012 also included significant foreign involvement as Kev Daws reports for Global Aviation Magazine.
Military Aviation >> USA: Red Flag 12-3 The last Red Flag exercise held at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, took place between 27 February and 16 March and was the longest one so far this year, spanning three weeks instead of the usual two. Paul Filmer reports from Nevada.
blogGAR: Shaun's May Review - RNAS Yeovilton and Op Wyvern Tor May traditionally brings with it the start of the airshow season and the subsequent early starts, long drives and, of course, aircraft, for the ensuing five months. Having had to wait a little longer than he had hoped for to get his season underway, Shaun found other ways to keep himself entertained.
Military Aviation >> Exercise Olympic Guardian at RAF Northolt Yesterday four Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons arrived at RAF Northolt to signify the start of Exercise Olympic Guardian, an eight-day exercise designed to bring together and test the various agencies providing security during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Karl Drage reports for GAR.
Exercise Frisian Flag 2012 Exercise Frisian Flag 2012 was held at Leeuwarden Air Base in The Netherlands from April 16th to April 27th. Mike Kruiper guest reports from the biggest NATO exercise in Europe, with almost fifty participating aircraft. All images courtesy of Mike Kruiper.
blogGAR: RAF Brize Norton and Fairford With the country enveloped in such glorious weather recently, it would have been rude to have not taken advantage and enjoy a spot of photography. Shaun Schofield did just that with visits to RAF Brize Norton and RAF Fairford in the Cotswolds.
Military Aviation >> Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) Flying Course 2012-1 February 10th saw the first Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) Flying Course of 2012 wrap up at Los Llanos Air Base, near Albacete in Spain. Two days earlier the base had opened its gates to a group of aviation photographers, to give them an opportunity to witness the TLP's activities. Chris Wood reports for GAR from a typically sunny, but unusually cold, Spain.
Military Aviation >> USA: Red Flag 11-3: It's Not Always About Being On Base Back in February, Red Flag 11-3 presented an opportunity to catch some of the participating aircraft at low-level. With RAF Tornado GR.4s and USAF A-10s, both well known for getting down among the weeds, and no really exotic visitors, this would provide a good opportunity for off-base shooting. Paul Filmer reports from the wilderness of Nevada.
Military Aviation >> Europe > Exercises: NATO Tiger Meet 2011 It's that time of year again, when garishly painted military jets gather to strut their stuff in the sky whilst their crews adorn their uniforms with anything with black and gold stripes. Yes, it's NATO Tiger Meet time, and Chris Wood (a former 'Tiger' himself, having served with the Royal Navy's Flying Tigers, 814 NAS) reports from Cambrai on the 2011 activities.
Military Aviation >> USA > Exercises: National Disaster Medical System Exercise The National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) is a federally coordinated system which establishes a single integrated medial response capability for assisting local and state authorities in dealing with major peacetime disasters. Paul Filmer reports from Colorado on the latest NDMS Exercise.
Military Aviation >> USA > Exercises: Red Flag 11-2, Nellis AFB, NV The first Red Flag of fiscal year 2011 was RF11-2, which ended up being quite light on aircraft numbers for the traditional two-week exercise. Paul Filmer reports from Nellis AFB on the latest Red Flag.
JHC Pashtun Jaguar on Salisbury Plain From late January through until mid-February, the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) took on the role of Helmand Province for a massive two part training exercise. "Pashtun Dagger" saw 3 Commando Brigade of the Royal Marines taking part in a large field training exercise (FTX) in final preparations for their Operation HERRICK 14 deployment to Afghanistan in the spring. Hundreds of personnel from all three services took part in the three week exercise that involved many scenarios likely to be faced whilst deployed in Afghanistan. John Higgins was there for GAR.
Exercise Vega 2010
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Eagles with strange nobbly bits, majestic looking brown, green and sand camouflaged F-16s and the most interesting looking Gulfstream you ever did see; Chris Wood guest reports from the Italian island of Sardinia as the Israeli Defence Forces take up residence for Exercise Vega 2010.
The F-111's Nellis Swansong - Red Flag 09-3
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Last weekend marked the sad retirement of the World's last remaining F-111s. Last year the Australian Air Force F-111C Aardvarks made the long trek to deploy to Red Flag for the last time and Paul Filmer travelled to the edge of the vast Nellis ranges to try and catch up with the oldest swingers in town...
Tiger, Tiger! - NATO Tiger Meet 2010
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This year's NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) is taking place in the Netherlands from 4-15th October. The exercise is being held at Volkel Airbase, situated in the south of the country, which is home to several Netherlands AF F-16 units. Chris Muir guest reports for GAR.
Red Flag 10-4
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Red Flag 10-4 epitomised the good and the bad of a mid-summer Red Flag; good because we had the day/day launches which gives us two bites at the launches and recoveries cherry (although the morning light can be extremely tough), but bad because it is usually the hottest time of the year. Paul Filmer reports from Nellis AFB on the latest Red Flag exercise, with additional photos by Paul Dunn.
Preparing for the worst - Colorado National Guard Exercise From 5th to the 7th August the Colorado National Guard, along with the West Metro Fire District and Colorado Task Force-One (CO-TF1), conducted a large scale emergency response exercise in Lakewood which is a South Western Denver suburb. Paul Filmer reports from a field on one of the last elements of the exercise.
Red Flag 10-3
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The latest Red Flag exercise (RF10-3) was the normal two-week affair and took part between 22nd February and 6th March at Nellis AFB. Paul Filmer reports on the highs and lows of shooting at this time of year.
Red Flag 10-1 Running from the 19 - 30 October, Red Flag 10-1 saw 15 units and three countries deploying to Nellis AFB on the outskirts of Las Vegas to take part in some of the most realistic war games on the planet. Paul Filmer reports for GAR.
Merlin Force - Exercise Merlin Vortex Earlier in the year, GAR published two pieces focusing on the RAF Merlin Force as they began to prepare for their deployment to Afghanistan in support of Operation HERRICK. As part of this process a detachment recently deployed to Southern California to take advantage of the superb training environment there. Paul Dunn visited NAF El Centro to catch up on how preparations are going, and offers an exclusive insight for GAR.
NATO Tiger Meet 2009 NATO’s annual Tiger Meet headed for Belgium this year to Kleine Brogel, within reach of many European enthusiasts including many Brits. Glenn Beasley was one seeking exotic tiger liveries for GAR.
Red Flag 09-5 Red Flag 09-5 - the fifth, and hottest, one of the year and that which saw debut appearances from the United Arab Emirates alongside the Italian Air Force AMX. Paul Filmer went along for Global Aviation Resource.
Red Flag Ahead of GAR's first report on one of the exercises, Paul Filmer takes a closer look at possibly the best known and most realistic training programmes ever created for military aircrew. Welcome to the world of Red Flag.
CQWI Course 2009 The Combined Qualified Weapons Instructors' (CQWI) Course is designed to provide today's front-line RAF squadrons with thoroughly trained and prepared Qualified Weapons Instructors (QWIs) and with the 2009 edition marking the culmination of a two-year long overhaul of the course, Karl Drage travelled to Scotland to report on how it all panned out.
493rd Fighter Squadron Deploy to RAF Coningsby The skies above RAF Coningsby rumbled even louder during the past week with the arrival of F-15Cs from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk. Glenn Beasley checks out of the action for GAR.
Exercise Wyvern Tor '09 The Ten Tors Expedition takes place annually on Dartmoor and, because of the rugged nature of the venue, helicopters are utilised to provide essential support and safety functions for the organisers and those taking part. Morley Lester was there to record the happenings for GAR.