Paul Filmer's blogGAR Entries

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blogGAR: 140th Fighter Wing DeploymentIt's early morning at Buckley AFB, Colorado and the 140th Fighter Wing is preparing to deploy to the Middle East again as part of the ongoing Overseas Contingency Operations. Paul Filmer reports.
blogGAR: Beech Starships at Centennial Airport in ColoradoThese days, it's unusual to see an active Beech Starship, and with only five left out of the 53 manufactured, they are now spread very thinly across the USA.
blogGAR >> First Quarter 2012 Round-UpPaul Filmer blogs on his outings during the first few months of 2012; outings that have seen him shooting a wide variety of different types of aircraft in very different settings.
blogGAR: Jeffco Air Tanker Base Ramps Up for the SeasonAs another fire fighting season kicks into gear the tanker bases across the United States step up their preparations. Paul Filmer heads to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Colorado.
blogGAR: Kenn Borek Air Migration Through ColoradoKenn Borek's sizeable fleet of DHC-6 and BT67 (or DC-3T) aircraft provide air-support for the many operations at each pole throughout the year, as well as fulfilling other tasks throughout the world, but here it's the Polar fleet that Paul Filmer captures arriving and departing.
blogGAR: Two Days Around NAF El CentroIf it's November it must be time for another photocall at NAF El Centro courtesy of Michelle Dee and Fence Check - Paul Filmer went along for the ride.
blogGAR: Low Light Shooting - B-17G, 'Aluminum Overcast'Tired of shooting the same shots as everyone else, I took the latest visit of the Experimental Aircraft Association's (EAA) B-17G, Aluminum Overcast, as an opportunity to do something different. Paul goes out into the cold night air at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (RMM) in Colorado.
Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport RevisitedManila Ninoy Aquino Airport in the Philippines always throws up surprises every time I pass through, and it's always a good place to see the older aircraft that have gone out of favour in the UK still in service. This blogGAR serves as an update to the article from February 2011 with some fresh, new imagery and some updates on former residents. Paul Filmer reports from his latest visit to Manila.
Barry M. Goldwater RangeThe Barry M. Goldwater Range stretches to the south of the I-8 in Arizona along a 1.9 million-acre part of the Sonoran Desert between Tucson and Yuma. Paul Filmer had an opportunity to witness some live firing earlier this year.
blogGAR: Helicopter Transport Services' CH-54 Skycranes at Front Range AirportIt's not often that you see S-64 or CH-54 Skycranes away from a tanker base unless they are fighting a fire, but when a complete fleet is seen away from base it's a very unusual event. Paul Filmer couldn't resist heading out to take a look.
CO ARNG Bambi Bucket TrainingOver a period of one and a half days the Colorado Army National Guard (CO ARNG) performed currency training in the use of water buckets at a nearby lake. Paul braves the changing weather to document this difficult photographic opportunity.
blogGAR: Boeing FieldAfter NAS Whidbey Island Paul Filmer found himself with the rest of the day to spare, and, with it being a Friday with not much on the flying schedule, he and his travelling companion decided to head back south to Seattle to do some civvy shooting at Boeing Field.
NAS Whidbey IslandPaul Filmer had never shot aviation in Washington prior to travelling north to NAS Whidbey Island recently to shoot the arrival of an A-3 Skywarrior for preservation. An article covering that will appear at a later date, but here he shares the rest of what the Station had to offer.
Moonlighting in VegasWhile attending various Red Flag exercises at Nellis AFB the chance to shoot at McCarran is a good one to take if you want to get out of bed early and the wind is in the right direction. Paul Filmer goes Janet chasing in Las Vegas.
Mojave and Edwards AFBSo what do you do when you have a free day in Las Vegas and need a break from shooting Red Flag? Well you drive a round trip of 490 miles to see something different of course! Paul Filmer reports on a rare break to California.
Low-Leveling Colorado StyleAfter a tip-off plus a lot of physical work Paul finally manages to catch a heavy airtanker in its element working a wildfire. He also sees a few other older aircraft along the way.
Chasing Old Jets at Denver InternationalPaul gets wind of a new old jet operator scheduled into Denver International Airport on one of the many early moring freight runs, so decides to be in position before sun-up to capture it for posterity.
UH-60L in the WildsA chance to catch the local H-60 Blackhawk helicopters in the wild was an offer that Paul couldn’t refuse. Thanks to a little inside information he was given a heads-up for an exercise and the boundary of the area that they would operate from.
Paul's Year in ReviewFrom vision to reality, Paul Filmer looks back at GAR's first calendar year. There's also a chance for you to win a copy of's Cosford Airshow 2009 DVD.
A Snowy Centennial AirportPaul braves the cold and snow to track down some unusual visitors at his local airfield. Centennial Airport in Colorado.
NAF El CentroPaul gets up close and personal at NAF El Centro in California and meets one aircraft on its 45th anniversary.
Opa-LockaFollowing on from the short blogGAR from the Fort Lauderdale airports, Paul visits the focus for old prop aircraft in Florida at Opa-locka.
Fort Lauderdale InternationalLanding at Fort Lauderdale International Paul could hardly believe his eyes when he saw not one NAMC YS-11s but four.
Fort Lauderdale ExecutivePaul does a quick visit to Fort Lauderdale Executive looking for interesting aircraft and finds some unlikely suspects.