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NOV 06 2009
Fort Lauderdale International

So the first task of the day is to get the hire car, circle the airport and get some photos of these rarely used aircraft. All are ex-Airborne Express and I remember seeing these in service back in 1984 when I visited Michigan Ė Iíve included a scan of N922AX from that trip.

Although most of these aircraft will probably not escape to fly another day, the owner told me that he hopes to get at least one or two flying for resale. It would certainly be a great day if the sound of those Rolls-Royce Dart engines winding up could be heard again - think of the sound of the Handley-Page Herald and the Fokker F-27.

The YS-11 is still the only successful commercial aircraft to be manufactured in their home country of Japan. A handful are still used in the Philippines for cargo operations as most of the passenger configured YS-11s in that country were phased out a few years ago.

Rolled out in 1962 the YS-11 delivered similar performance to the Vickers Viscount and delivered 50% more capacity than the Fokker F-27 so itís kind of surprising that the aircraft never really made it big outside of the Pacific Rim.

Also on the airfield was a Fuerza Aťrea Argentina L-100-30 Hercules which proved tricky to get a decent angle on in the harsh light.

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2012-07-08 - Carlos Cervantes
Any chance i can get the phone numbers for the owner of those Ys11 out of florida EX Airborne , Are they availabe for Sale . Plese Help with any information
Best regards

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