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OCT 17 2011
Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport Revisited

The Dornier 328 is always a joy to see, and South East Asian Airlines has a nice fleet. I saw two on this trip that were new to me, and it seems like this fleet is kept busy. The 328 somehow looks just right, with its sweeping lines and porpoise like fuselage.

Another aircraft that I've always been partial to is the Jetstream 41. Almost all aircraft when stretched from the original design seem to lose their aesthetics, but in this case the 41 looks like it grew up from the 31 and still managed to look great in my books. There was a pair of these on the ground that, most likely, although not confirmed, belong to Royal Star Aviation, a charter outfit based in the Philippines. Coincidentally Royal Star also operates a Do328, although this has always been in a hangar during my visits. Another British aircraft, a Short SD330 is probably also owned by the same operator, and this is the first time I've seen a Short aircraft in this part of the world.

I had planned to fly on a Xian M60 as well as a Let L-410 during this visit but time was against me, and when calling the respective airlines, no one seemed to understand that I wanted a there-and-back flight. Better planning next time Paul! The photo of the SD330 and the M60 shows the typical Filipino light, which is very harsh and sometimes difficult to deal with.

The Sikorsky S-76 photographed returning from the oil fields could be yet another Royal Star machine (not too sure about this one) as it uses the same hangar, while yet another immaculate Transmile Boeing 727 freighter was parked up for the day.

The pair of YS-11s seen in the photos are the same airframes from the last report, but with better light this time around. I was never happy about the photos of these two on my previous trips, but the light here is always changing so you grab the opportunities when you can.

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