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OCT 28 2011
blogGAR: Low Light Shooting - B-17G, 'Aluminum Overcast'

The EAA B-17 usually visits Centennial Airport on its tour, and while there the aircraft is hangared overnight, but at RMM she is left outside, and with the silver fuselage and clear skies forecast I thought a little night shooting would be in order.

The first series of shots, including the header and footer photos, were taken on the same night between 4am and 6am and were done with multiple exposures and a single strobe. I couldn't shoot for more than about 10 seconds at a time because of the direct light coming from the apron lights.

A few nights later I though I'd try to shoot some star trails, but part way into the shoot mist began to form and the stars disappeared. There was nothing for it other than wait a couple of hours for the sunrise, in the hope that it would be good.

Well the colours and light from that sunrise were amazing. All the shots in the section below were taken in a short 10-minute time-frame. The good light at sunrise does not last very long!

In case you don't recognise the white aircraft in my shots, it's a Pacific Aerospace 750XL. It's an indigenous design from New Zealand, and the type was mostly marketed for skydiving and agricultural roles. This particular airframe is used for surveying.

This type of photography means getting out the door very early, 2am in the case of my second night, and is always experimental with some sorties having you come away with nothing to show for the time you spent.

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2011-10-28 - Tim Newman
Evocative to say the least.
Stunning shot's & who cares about sleep etc when results like this are attainable.


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