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MAY 07 2012
blogGAR >> First Quarter 2012 Round-Up

I've done a few trips in the early part of 2012 where the amount of photos taken didn't warrant an article or even a blogGAR, so, below, I've swept up these shoots and combined them into one entry.

In March I passed by Mojave Airport in California and popped in to see what was around. I love this airfield. You won't see a lot of aircraft, but you just never know what you will see. There was a DC-3T doing circuits when I arrived, which conveniently sat on the ramp in nice light later on. While shooting the mentally designed Scaled Composite Proteus in the circuit later on, I noticed that the recently arrived and retired Raytheon BAC1-11 was in a position to shoot in its sorry state, missing its funky nosecone.

In the morning before shooting at Mojave, I was in the vicinity of San Diego, right next to the Mexican border, for a set-up shoot in the hills nearby. An MH-60S from HSC-3 was the subject for this photo opportunity and very nice it looked too!

The two shoots above were a precursor to arriving at Star Wars Canyon in Death Valley, California. I've only been to this remote place twice, and only seen three shootable aircraft in total, but what photo opportunities it offers.

In January we had a pair of CA ANG F-16s and on this trip it was just a single F/A-18C from VX-9. Two very slow days, but unless you're there you simply can't shoot them.

Now I will admit that I've been a Dornier 328 fan for a very long time, but recently I've been actively hunting them down as my local airport, Centennial in Colorado, has become a bit of a hub for these sleek looking machines.

First up is a bunch of Do328JET aircraft, the last of which is based at the airport for Key Lime Air.

On to the Do328-110 (the turboprop version) and all the examples below are with, or destined for, Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

Finishing off the Centennial Airport shots is a UC-28A and a Mi-17, the latter being a surprise for most people at the airport. In the evening there was a stream of airport tenants taking a peek at this unusual helicopter.

The last set of shots are from Las Vegas, McCarran Airport, Nevada on an early morning before a Red Flag launch. All were taken through the fence with a 500mm lens, as I didn't have a ladder available.

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