Paul Dunn's blogGAR Entries

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blogGAR: Return to Phoenix - Part One: Luke AFBAt one time a regular visitor to Phoenix, it’s been a long time since Paul Dunn managed to get out to Arizona. Here in the first part of a two part blog, he shares some photos from a visit to Luke AFB and Sky Harbor International Airport.
blogGAR: ...Las Vegas Two TimesUnlike some other GAR writers, Paul Dunn is not exactly a Las Vegas regular! Here he shares some photos from two recent trips to the city.
blogGAR: Three Generations of the Albert FamilyA couple of recent trips have provided Paul Dunn with opportunities to shoot three generations of C-130 Hercules – along with a few other interesting types along the way.
blogGAR: Flying With Harbour AirTwo recent trips to Vancouver included a rare free day in the Canadian city and provided Paul Dunn with an excellent opportunity to go on a flight on one of Harbour Air’s floatplane services from Vancouver Harbour Water Airport.
We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat...Back in Phoenix again, Paul Dunn heads south on a road trip in search of a really big fish.
In Happier Times...The earthquake and tsunami which devastated Japan shocked and horrified the whole world. Paul Dunn shares his thoughts and some images taken at Hyakuri in the weeks before the disaster.
Dunny Does Dallas...Dunny Does Dallas... or more accurately Fort Worth, but there is less opportunity for a cringeworthy title there! After a planned visit was cancelled at short notice, Paul Dunn was left to re-plan a day off in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A definite case of right place, right time...
Further Fortune in PhoenixA weekend trip to Phoenix provided an excellent opportunity to visit Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, in the hope of catching some interesting visitors. Paul Dunn attempts to live up to his reputation in Phoenix once again.
Narita InternationalMaking a return to the Land of the Rising Sun, in the hope of getting some winter sunshine, Paul Dunn gets his year off to a solid start with a couple of hours at Tokyo’s Narita International Airport.
LAXThe light in SoCal is pretty special at this time of year, so whilst in Los Angeles, a visit to LAX was in order. Paul Dunn shares some images from Imperial Hill.
Dunny's First Red FlagNellis AFB is a little quieter than usual at this time of year, as Red Flag 11-1 has been cancelled. Paul Dunn takes the opportunity to present some previously unpublished photos from Red Flag 10-4 which took place back in July.
Phoenix Again...Back in Phoenix for the third time in as many months and although it was not quite as hot as last time, it is still something of an endurance test to shoot in Arizona in August, as Paul Dunn found out.
Miami Area VarietyPaul Dunn takes a roadtrip around the Miami area, to catch some very unusual types, some of which are rarely seen in the United States.
Another Side of Nellis AFBMost famous as the home of the Red Flag series of exercises, Nellis AFB is also home to a number of other very interesting units. While visiting to help cover Red Flag 10-4 for GAR, Paul Dunn managed to also catch plenty of ‘locals’ and a few interesting visitors.
Three Days on the Surface of the SunIn Phoenix for a couple of days, Paul Dunn got to spend some time at his favourite airfield where some unexpected gems were lurking...
LA Area MiscellanaeAnother month, another trip to Los Angeles! Paul Dunn presents a few odds and sods from a recent trip to the LA area, including one best placed in the “Hen’s Teeth” file.
A SoCal RoadtripBack at work after his recent wedding and honeymoon, Paul Dunn shares some images from an eventful day out in Southern California, and looks ahead to some forthcoming features.
Hyakuri AB, JapanDay two of a brief trip to Japan and Paul Dunn was looking forward to a full day at Hyakuri AB, home to Phantoms, Eagles and all manner of visitors. Sadly, these things don’t always work out...
Tokyo Narita AirportJapan’s famous cherry blossoms are blooming throughout the Tokyo area, which should mean Spring is on its way. However, the weather is supplying little evidence to back that up at the moment! Paul Dunn visits a chilly and overcast Narita Airport.
California City Municipal AirportAfter a planned visit at Mojave Air and Space Port fell through at a late stage, Paul Dunn was obliged to seek out further opportunities on California’s High Desert.
Vancouver HarbourThe Canadian coastal city of Vancouver has many suburbs separated from the city centre by water, and a network of ferries to allow commuters to travel to work. But why take the ferry when you can fly? Paul Dunn visits a chilly Vancouver harbour.
Paul Dunn's 2009 ReviewAs GAR’s resident regular international traveller, Paul Dunn has been lucky enough to bring back photos and feature reports from four continents in 2009. He has high hopes of adding more to this list in 2010.
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway AirportA trip to Phoenix wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Paul Dunn spends the afternoon enjoying blue skies and sunshine in December.
NAF El CentroA couple of weeks ago, Paul Dunn visited NAF El Centro to cover Exercise Merlin Vortex for GAR. Here are a few examples of other aircraft operating from the airfield at the time.