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FEB 21 2012
blogGAR: Snowy Scenes at London-Luton Airport

While the last few winters have generated considerably more snowfall than most in recent memory, snow is still a fairly scarce commodity in these parts, so whenever the opportunity to get some shots with white foregrounds presents itself, I always like to make an effort to do so if time permits.

The first of two weekends offering back-to-back opportunities to do so came on February 5. The night before, approximately three and a half inches of the stuff had landed at my home in rural Northamptonshire but the forecast for the 5th itself was not so clever. Grey skies and not particularly great visibility. If I was to venture out it would be to London-Luton Airport and, knowing that there tends to be a mad rush first thing followed by a rather quiet period until lunchtime - at least so far as scheduled services go - I resolved to check the live airport information when I woke up that morning.

As soon as I came downstairs I did exactly that and, much to my delight, the airport was open but everything was running late. Perfect!

After prising Sammy out of bed (for some strange reason he's never been much of a fan of snow) and clearing the car of a healthy covering, we were on the road a mere 20 minutes or so later. While there was some snow on the roads (even one lane of the M1 was effectively out of action), they were all passable with relative ease - even the single-track road leading up to Luton's famous 'crash gate'. The sky though, was as grey as predicted.

It was about 0930 when we arrived and, while it wasn't super busy, there was enough to maintain interest levels and get what I'd come for.

The wingletted Thomson 757 was a first for me and there was plenty of bizjet traffic for variety too. Even Sammy managed to get over his 'not-bothered' attitude towards snow and a snowman was built!


It was only ever going to be a morning visit owing to the Six Nations rugby in the afternoon, but our hand was forced anyway by a bank of fog rolling up the hill and onto the airfield at 1215. It seemed a logical time to call it quits!

A few people jokingly (at least I think it was jokingly!) questioned my sanity on Facebook when I updated my status to reflect where I was, but, at the end of the day, if you want 'different' pictures you sometimes have to brave the elements and get out there! While it worked out to an extent on this occasion, what the following weekend would offer would blow it away!

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