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JUL 24 2012
blogGAR: Belugas at Hawarden and a stop-off at Manchester-Ringway

21 March 2012 was the date of my (and Geoff’s!) first visit to Hawarden near Chester. The inspiration for the trip came squarely from a Facebook posting of Stu Lawson, where he shared a pictured he’d captured of one of Airbus’ A300 Super Transporters (commonly referred to as the ‘Beluga’) arriving, from a vantage point that meant he was looking head-on down the runway at the beast.

Geoff’s already told the story of the day, so I won’t go back over old ground, but suffice it to say that it was a most excellent six or so hours that really could not have gone more to plan!

What Geoff omitted to tell you was that we stopped off at Manchester-Ringway on our way back home. Initially we headed to the mounds at the eastern end of the runway in the hope that we would get shots of aircraft turning on to the old runway, but it soon became clear that departures were all taking place from the new runway, and, with light against us for landers, it was not a difficult decision to reposition.

We were rewarded with some rather lovely light as the sun sank lower in the sky.

The finncomm Airlines ERJ-170 and Air Contractors ATR-72 were probably the two most interesting movements during the couple of hours that we were present.

Huge thanks are due to Geoff for driving and for the banter throughout the day.

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