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NOV 03 2009
blogGAR Arrives!

Firstly, thanks for stopping by!

It hardly seems possible to think that GAR's still been in existence for less than six months!

In that time we've spent literally hundreds of hours producing content for the site, but we've realised that not everything we do lends itself to a formal article, so this is where blogGAR comes in.

The team will each have their own section where they can share content that wouldn't otherwise fit. It could be pictures from a day outside the wire somewhere, musings about what we've been up to, or thoughts on some 'hot topic' or other. Essentially it'll give the guys who don't get out so often the opportunity to contribute a bit more to the site.

Unlike the religious Tuesday 'push' of our main features, the blogGAR section will be updated as and when people have something new to share, so be sure to check back often. New additions will be referenced and linked from the GAR front page.

We still have a long way to go to get the site to where we want it to be, but now this element is up and running our focus will shift towards the image database, something that we just haven't had the time to work on thus far.

Lots of people have asked us to add a forum, but I'm afraid this isn't something we plan to do. As anyone who's ever been involved with the running of a forum will attest, they take a phenomenal amount of looking after and, given the way they inevitably go, often become more hassle than they're worth. We'd rather just concentrate on bringing you high quality content.

Since the weekend up at Southport Airshow I've not had much opportunity to go out snapping, but that was rectified at the RAF Shawbury Fly Navy 100 event.

I'll be the first to admit that I did come away feeling more than a tad disappointed, not because what we got wasn't good, but because it could've been seriously good with just a couple of minor tweaks (see Gareth's report).

Regardless, fair play to another Station willing to take the bull by the horns and provide access to the enthusiast community.

The following Monday, with Sammy (my son) on half-term holidays from school, we headed to East Midlands Airport in the hope of catching the An-225 Mriya depart. Sadly the ETD kept slipping and slipping to the point that we had to leave. It eventually left some 24 hours late.

It did present my first opportunity to shoot one of DHL's new 767ERFs (see Geoff's report on them) though.

Heading back to EMA to try again the next day wasn't an option as I was due down at RAF Northolt for a meeting with Wg Cdr Steve Pitcher, OC32 (hopefully more news on that to follow in 2010), where luckily the extremely smart Ecuadorian Air Force ERJ-135BJ Legacy was resting on the ramp. Unfortunately I'm not able to share any shots of that with you, but I'm sure many of you will have seen pictures already.

In the week ahead Gareth and I are off to RNAS Yeovilton to visit the Navy Flying Standards Flight (Fixed Wing), the Royal Navy Historic Flight and we'll hopefully be catching up with Black 1, Lt Dave Lilly. Naturally there'll be articles to follow in due course.

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2009-11-06 - Karl Drage
Dale - We'll look at it.

Gareth/TM - This Tuesday coming's actually week 26 for us! Believe me, from this side of the fence it feels like much longer!! :D

So far as blogGAR content goes, the plan's for it to be a bit of both.

I trust everyone on the Merlin Force is well and we're very much looking forward to publishing the Merlin Vortex piece in next week's push.

Guy - Thanks for the feedback!

Cheers all,

2009-11-03 - G Westgate-SwiftTeam
GAR just keeps getting better!

2009-11-03 - Team Merlin
Great idea Karl and team. Keep up the good work.
Is it really 6 months already?!!
Will you be using this for aviation news updates or just for personal observations?
Regards from all at Benson

2009-11-03 - Dale Clarke
Can we have an RSS feed please.


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