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DEC 11 2009
Easyjet at Robin Hood

Arriving just before the planned arrival time of 10:00am I was pleased to see two fire engines in place set to provide a water cannon salute for the new resident airline. One of Easyjet’s newer A319s G-EZFE was soon touching down on Runway 20, rolling all the way to the end and backtracking to receive its ‘drenching’ from the fire crews. With the next departing aircraft, a Thomsonfly 737-800 not due out until 11:10am, I decided to try another favourite spot for the locals which runs parallel to Robin Hood’s long runway.

Immediately on arrival I heard a loud droning above my head and, as I poked my head out of the window, a Nimrod R.1 from RAF Waddington was passing over at around 5000 feet. Sure enough the ’Mighty Hunter’ made a left turn downwind and I knew he was coming in for a low approach as the radio soon confirmed. XW664, callsign "Vulcan 51" made her way towards the approach but was put behind an incoming Flybe Dash 8, G-JECN, arriving for some circuit training of its own.

The RAF has been using DSA for some time now with a number of aircraft performing low approaches in recent times, most commonly Tucanoes, King Airs and, more recently, Tristars. The Nimrod looked rather impressive and brought the memories of the former RAF station right back into my head. My spot wasn’t ideal for the steep climb out performed by the crew from Waddington so I headed back to my original spot which was by now quite busy with local enthusiasts, photographers and spotters. It was a good catch against a perfect blue sky and nice to be able to see instead of being stuck at work where I usually cringe as I hear loud rumblings over Doncaster town centre.

After the second Nimrod approach he departed back to Lincolnshire and soon after the Easyjet Airbus was heading back home, press formalities completed. The Flybe continued to bash the circuit and was due to continue to do so until around 2:00pm.

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