Geoff Hibbert's blogGAR Entries

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blogGAR: Beluga Hunting at Hawarden - 'Like Looking in the Mirror'Geoff Hibbert and Karl Drage took the trip to Hawarden in search of a very unusual aircraft - Airbus' A300-600ST (Super Transporter), affectionately known as the 'Beluga'. Here's Geoff's take on the day.
Back on the road again 'in style'With the possibility of a rain free day and Osprey and AC-130 action, Geoff heads off to Suffolk for a much needed aviation fix.
Who says it's Grim oop North?With a full tank of petrol to waste having just learnt that his period of notice had been reduced from one month to one week, Geoff presses the silly pedal hard as he makes the 180 mile round trip to Manchester to shoot some civvies in the cold.
A Hind on Salisbury Plain People often say that Fridays are always quiet for aircraft, whether you may be on a Welsh mountainside or on Salisbury Plain. Well, Friday 19th February 2010 proved that you shouldn't always listen to people! Geoff Hibbert reports from a frantic Salisbury Plain Training Area.
My 2009 with Global Aviation Resource A year that's included flights in a Piper Tomahawk, an EC-145 over the City of London, and ramp access at East Midlands Airport - twice! Had you told me that at this time last year I'd have never believed it. Geoff looks back at his year with GAR. There's also a chance for you to win a copy of's Leuchars Airshow '09 DVD.
Antonov An-225 in the East MidlandsGeoff visits East Midlands Airport to catchup once more with an old friend - Antonov Design Bureau's incredible An-225 Mriya.